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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2011-02-20 02:47 am

"I'm turning into my mother!"

If you say the word "clafouti" to me or my brother, we will immediately start giggling. This is because my mother spent several months in a clafouti phase, making every possible type of clafouti: sweet, savory, small, large, for breakfast and lunch and dinner and dessert, clafouti unto forever. We eventually staged a revolt until she agreed to stop making clafouti.

There was similarly a homemade marshmallow phase. (The one I remember best was the savory basil marshmallow, served in a bowl of tomato soup.) And there have been several iterations of the monochromatic meal phase; that one is not so much a phase as an orientation, really. And there's the Simpsons episode where Marge is hammering tiles on the roof and Homer says "Marge, it's three a.m.! ...shouldn't you be baking?" and yep, that's my mom. (And me. And my brother. And, I suspect, my uncle. In case anyone wondered whether this sort of thing was genetic.)

Anyway, I have been testing this horchata recipe, and recipe testing is perfectly fine and normal, nothing wrong with that, but then I looked up horchata on Wikipedia, and now I'm contemplating horchata cubana and tigernut horchata (I love the Spanglish on that page) and Puerto Rican sesame horchata (which [ profile] sinboy thinks would be gross and I think would be delicious, like a liquid version of one of those sesame and honey candies) and horchata cocktails and all these recipes (FRIED HORCHATA ZOMG) and I want one of these machines and oh god it's a horchata phase and I'm turning into my mother.

I suppose every woman has a moment like this at some point in her life. And at least I recognize the danger of entering into a horchata phase, and I can reassure myself that this is what tagging is for and I can always put the recipes away for a while and then come back and find them exactly as I left them. Which I will totally do. Right.

Unrelatedly, while looking through posts on various recipe blogs, I found the best spam comment ever on a recipe for Guatemalan oatmeal horchata. I am in awe.
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[personal profile] ironed_orchid 2011-02-20 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
That's an amazing spam comment.

I think that going through a cooking lots of versions of the same thing phase is okay if you aren't inflicting your preferences on everyone else.

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Was the basil marshmallow any good? Intrigued and yet horrified minds want to know.

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I'm sorry; I got to the savory basil marshmallow and my brain fried and won't work anymore.

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I want a recipe for that!

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We eventually staged a revolt until she agreed to stop making clafouti.

Hee. In the spirit of the times, I now picture you camped out in the public square, facing down tanks and tearing up posters of your clafouti overlords.

(Also, does savory basil marshmallow mean savoury as in not-sweet, or savory as in the herb savory? I am now officially fascinated, and want to try this...)

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I too have recently been in a horchata phase, but I'm not as committed as you've been. I've merely been drinking horchata agua fresca entirely too frequently.

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I suppose every woman has a moment like this at some point in her life.

Um, yeah. ;-/

(FWIW, the basil marshmallows sound really neat.)

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Like everyone, I am most intrigued by the basil marshmallow. Was it good?

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Sometimes I explain how I am to people by describing the night my mom couldn't sleep when I was a teenager. I woke up to find that she had done all the laundry, made four loaves of banana bread, and made each of us a new sundress (two different sizes and patterns and fabric types). And then I say, "I come from somewhere." And my friends all say, "Yah."

Well. Some of them say, "Yeah."

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Yah, people do that with me, too, and as an only child I have a different out: I have been spotting the ways in which I am just like Daddy or am Grandpa all over again. When I was a teenager, I focused on the ways in which I was only myself, but I've grown up enough to be more comfortable with those and with the ways in which I'm like Mother. I just am pleased to spot the other influences also. Particularly with Grandpa: nobody ever bothered to say how alike we were because it was too obvious to mention.

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In some segments of some families--I don't know if yours has any such--it is considered Not The Thing to compare young girls or women to old men, even old men of whom one is greatly fond. As a result it wasn't until someone was saying that my cousin Michael is like Great-Grandpa in ways x, y, and z that I went, "Hey...that's me, too. I'm like Great-Grandpa." But that particular relative would never have said it.

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Thanks! I really like having them.

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I did a marshmallow phase! Followed by a gummi candy phase!
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[personal profile] ailbhe 2011-02-20 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Some women have no greater ambition than to be just like their own mothers!

Linnea is doomed.