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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2013-11-05 06:19 pm

"I accidentally a cat"

In an effort to fight seasonal depression, I've put "do something fun" on my daily checklist.

Acquiring a stray cat counts as doing something fun, right?

A grey and white kitty giving the camera a skeptical look

This is the foundling cat. We have so far resolutely refrained from naming him. We weren't going to get a fourth cat until we moved, you see. The rule is one cat per bedroom, and we have three cats and three bedrooms, so we are full up.

But he rubbed on my ankles and practically demanded to be taken in. I was pretty sure he was the cat we've often seen in and around the nasty deli on the corner (which we suspect of being the deli that kicked out Jasmine, not least because this cat looks just like her; compare video of Jasmine and a photo of the foundling), so I went in there and said "Your cat's been loving on everyone up and down the block, did he get locked out?". The counter guy shrugged and said "Not our cat". At that point I became so suffused with rage at people who toss domesticated cats out on the street that I felt a moral obligation to give the kitty at least a temporary home.

We agreed that my room would be the quarantine zone, so X and I lured him in. It was remarkably easy, as he's quite a tolerant cat; he clearly doesn't like being picked up, but while he struggles and looks uncomfortable, he doesn't bite or scratch. I set up a litter pan and a couple of dishes of food, and rubbed him down with a washcloth in lieu of a full bath, and resigned myself to sending all my bedding out to be washed once it became clear that the grubby and indubitably flea-ridden cat was also a bed-exploring and person-snuggling cat.

Within 24 hours we'd taken him to the vet, gotten confirmation that he's neutered and FIV/FeLV-negative, gotten him some medication to combat fleas and worms, and all completely fallen in love with him. He's incredibly sweet. His purr is amazingly loud and frequently deployed. He's an adolescent boy and still recovering from his time on the street, so he literally eats as much as our other three cats combined, but he doesn't demand food; he just waits for us to notice that the dish is empty and fill it again. (See that "other"? I already think of him as our fourth cat, despite myself.) When I go to bed he rustles around a bit and then settles down and doesn't keep me up or wake me up. When we let him see the other cats he hisses a bit and then runs away; there's been one bout of territorial spraying but he was considerate enough to do it on a bag of things that already needed to be dry cleaned. He's curious about everything and wants to stick his nose everywhere, but on his own terms, and when he encounters evidence of other felines he runs away. He's SUPER friendly to people. He's quite athletic but doesn't like being up high; he'd rather hide on the bottom shelf of a bookcase or behind the radiator. He's death to toy mice as long as they stay still long enough for him to sneak up on them. When Josh and I bathed him he made a few squeaky noises and squirmed a lot but was about as well-behaved as a cat being bathed can be expected to be, and within a few minutes he was purring and loving on us again. He's sweet and adorable and smart and great.

He's been our tenant for four days, during which time we've gone from "of course we can't keep him" to discussing possible names. At this point it's really just a question of how well the other cats tolerate him and vice versa. I hope hope hope it works out.

I have been doing non-cat fun things: going to a totally rocking TMBG concert where they played every single song off their first album plus a whole array of crowdpleasers, having an amazing dinner with Miriam and [ profile] supertailz, knitting, and, on one slightly desperate night, playing with that day's animated Google Doodle and deciding that was fun enough to count. But mostly I am all KITTY KITTY KITTY. And that's okay.

EDIT: Of course, immediately after I post this he got to the "PEE ON ALL THE THINGS" stage. Time to pave the room in puppy pads.
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what a handsome cat! good for you.
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What a very pretty cat.
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We were adopted by a "feral" cat a couple of years ago (in fact, he has just now climbed into bed with me and started purring and licking). Sometimes it's not that you take the cat, it's that the cat takes you.

(Now, the new dog, we did take her. But it was a fostering arrangement, and we all spent a month wandering around going, "We are not getting attached to the dog! No, we are not!" Yeah, that...right. We are basically terrible and can't be allowed anything sad-looking with fur.)
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Yes! Morrigan was a semi-feral who adopted our dog. I feed her with the intention of getting her spayed and rehoming her as I do with the other strays.

She wanted nothing to do with the family we rehomed her with. So she came back here and after a few months, moved herself into the house and made herself at home. The Boys , the late Max and my Aries, simply said, eh, whatever. Then Max took right to her. Heh.

Sometimes you simply don't get a choice in the matter.
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I hate to tell you, but you have a 4th cat.}:P

That's pretty much how we acquired Morrigan. Heh.
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But mostly I am all KITTY KITTY KITTY. And that's okay.

That is an excellent-looking cat to be KITTY KITTY KITTY about.

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d'aaaaw... :)

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This warms my heart.

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this is how we got Tokyo, the best thing that happened in 2012 :) "oops, accidental cat!" she remains a daily "hi! people! I like people, prrrrrrr" snuggleball.

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Aw, he sounds like a truly wonderful cat. I hope he works out for you!

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Awwww! I'm hoping, hoping, hoping with you. That cat picked you out of the bunch for a reason. They always know.

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He is a Cat.

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I hope it works out!

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Oh gosh, he even LOOKS sweet-tempered in the photo. I do hope you get to keep him, even though he's now in "This is mine. And this is mine. And this is mine. And THIS IS MINE, TOO" mode. Might it be because he's marking territory after seeing the other three cats?

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Okay.... this is very freaky.

Because that looks like our Fluff. But Fluff died in June.

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The first reaction was "Holy Crap!"

Fluff was 20, diabetic, and had lung cancer. He was a good baby, but he made it more than clear at the end that it was time to go.

Here. Compare them: