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24 October 2014 23:15
I'm adding this blind (because 6 month old baby may not let me read the other comments first)

Fleishmann's unsalted sticks is all I had until the first time I went to a non-Chinese restaurant on my own and was able to ask for as much butter as I wanted. And I can tell you NONE of the wonderful baked goods my mom and aunt made were made with anything but. Cookies, cakes, strudel crusts (my mom's strudels were made the way her mom made them, instead of the mind-breaking flaky crust magic, they lined the baking pan with a somewhat short (as in, rich with some kind of shortening, like, say, Fleishmann's) sugar cookie crust. The top was latticed like an apple pie, it was allowed to cool and served in squares. The lucky kid got the corner pieces. :)

Also, it's not universal, but I have in some recipes used soy flour in place of milk powder. It works pretty well if the recipe is strongly flavored enough or baked thoroughly enough to kill the raw beany flavor.
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