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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-05-29 07:38 pm

"Three by three as well as four by four"

X is pregnant. :D

There is one (1) embryo. So far it appears to be entirely healthy. Due date is early January. We've known for a month and not telling people has been AGONY. But now the news is out!

I will probably discontinue use of the babyfilter and just post under a cut tag--I know some of you folks have zero or negative interest in other people's babythings. Many thanks to everyone who's offered words of comfort, support, and advice over the year of IUI and IVF; it's been a pretty wild ride. But here we are!

:D :D :D
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So exciting!
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Oh, wow, congratulations!! Go, little embryo!
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Congratulations to you all!
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Congratulations & best wishes to everyone!
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Many congratulations & good wishes!
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Wow, good luck!
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Many congratulations and good luck to all of you.
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P.S. I'd like to keep reading, if you'd be comfortable with my having access. If not, that's fine too.
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Woo! Congrats!
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Yay to all!! I look forward to your entries and the new life about to be.
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