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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-07-08 04:19 pm

"I held your hand, you held mine"

Long Hidden is a World Fantasy Award finalist.

I'm sharing an award ballot with Ellen Datlow, one of the greatest SF/F anthologist to ever walk the earth.


I wasn't going to go to WFC because X will be seven months pregnant by then, but this is a pretty good incentive, and it is only a train ride away this year. So I've put my name on the membership waitlist and booked a hotel room. I'll get the whole nominee experience! How exciting! I'm anxious already!

Honestly, I'd totally forgotten that the WFAs even had an anthology category. Once the Locus Awards were done I figured that was it. So this was a complete shock and I'm still reeling.

On Twitter, [ profile] hrj said, "Eventually you'll get used to having your work recognized." But it's entirely possible that Long Hidden is the only anthology that will ever have my name on the cover. It might even be the only book that ever has my name on the cover. Almost everything I do is behind the scenes, professionally and as a volunteer. So being recognized this way is a big, big deal for me, and not likely to happen again, and I'm going to savor every minute.
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Congratulations! How wonderful for you!
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Wow, congratulations!

If the train to all the way to Saratoga Springs doesn't make sense, I could probably run you up from Albany, since the NYC-Albany trains run very regularly.
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*applauds the recognition of your work*

*applauds the work lots more* :D
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That's cool! Congrats!

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Lovely! Congratulations!

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Many congratulations indeed.


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Major congratulations! This is wonderful news--and the best reason I can think of to travel to Saratoga Springs. :-)

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Congrats, and good luck!

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Congratulations! Great news indeed.