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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-09-07 12:50 pm


I dreamed that I was a foolish person who made foolish decisions. I was smart enough to know that I did it but not smart enough to see that I was about to do a foolish thing and stop myself from doing it. It was really frustrating.

In the dream, I was in Georgia, and everything was covered in snow and ice. [ profile] grahamsleight was visiting, and wanted to see a play, so he and J and I went off to this tiny dingy fringe theater showing some tiny fringe show. There was a crowd in the lobby of mostly theater people who all knew one another.

One English guy with long stringy blond hair kept going on about how sick he was of hearing about Jeremy Corbyn. A bunch of us agreed that we were SO SICK of it. He declared that he was cutting us off (or words to that effect) and we should give him our keys. So I gave him my keys, as did a lot of other people. It seemed like a funny joke. Then he said we should give him our addresses in case we didn't connect after the show and he needed to mail our keys back to us, so I gave him my address.

We were allowed into the theater and we found our seats. I thought I was getting us seats together but it turned out J and I had seats on one side of the aisle and Graham had a seat on the other side. He was prepared to just shrug it off but I insisted on moving us around so we could sit together. We ended up with seats along the aisle that faced the aisle rather than the stage.

The first half of the show was a guy who made animated cartoon characters that were kind of like Ren and Stimpy. He drew lots of sketches on a blackboard to show how they'd evolved from the characters he originally created. The second half was the guy with stringy blond hair doing some kind of stage magic. I couldn't hear or understand a lot of the show and thought it was all pretty boring. I did note that now we knew the blond guy's name, though, so if I needed to track him down to get my keys back I could do it.

After the show we rushed out and I forgot all about the keys because we were supposed to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. I'd made the reservation for 7:00 but the show ran later than I expected and now it was nearly 8. Fortunately when we got there the restaurant was almost empty and they were able to seat us. There was some fourth person with us for dinner--maybe my coworker R? It was a Sichuan restaurant and they had food already cooked (maybe that had been waiting for us since 7) so they started serving it to us right away.

I mentioned the keys thing and J got really upset with me. He reminded me that he'd lost his keys (I'd forgotten) so that might be our only set of keys left, and now it was with some guy who had our address and was probably breaking into our house right now. In retrospect I realized he was completely right and I felt awful. Graham tried to cheer me up by giving me a present he'd been saving for me, but when I unwrapped it, it turned out to be five books about Jeremy Corbyn. There was a big thick biography and a guidebook to Corbyn-related places around London and a little book of interesting Corbyn facts. This all just reminded me of the keys thing and what a terrible decision I'd made.

(In real life I have only the vaguest sense of who Jeremy Corbyn even is.)

I got really upset and ran out of the restaurant and back to the theater. The blond guy was still there and he looked pleased that I'd come back. He gave me back my keys and I felt very relieved. But I was still upset, so I got on my motorcycle and drove off along the icy roads. There was snow and ice everywhere and I had to go very slowly and carefully, which wasn't particularly cathartic. Finally a baby seal came out of nowhere and flopped down over my handlebars and I realized that if I kept going along the road I was on I'd end up in Alabama. I sighed, removed the seal, and turned around to go back to the restaurant, feeling at least a tiny bit better.

Then I woke up like