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"Man, the man is non-stop" 
17 October 2015 22:56 - "Man, the man is non-stop"
rosefox: A cheerful fellow with a giant chaotic jumble on a leash. (busy-good)
Here it is mid-October already. The time, it does fly.

This is what we've done so far in October:

Oct 1–4:
Visit day care places 10/1
X dentist followup 10/1
Do online portion of Red Cross course 10/3
Put shelves in J's new bookcases so we can unpack books 10/4
Unpack books 10/4 evening
Discuss group therping scheduling 10/4
Request addresses for thank-you notes 10/4

Oct 5–11:
Interview pediatrician 10/6 11a
Return incorrect purchase to Babies R Us 10/6
R lipoma surgery consult 10/6
Cull SF/F/H trade-size novels 10/6
J doctor appointment 10/7
R dental cleaning/checkup 10/7
X glucose test 10/7
Follow up with IVF doctor re paperwork if we haven't heard from her 10/9
Do in-person portion of Red Cross course 10/10
Tidy bookshelves 10/11
Figure out birth announcement distribution list/method 10/11
IKEA 10/11

Oct 12–18:
R flu vax 10/12
Cull kids' books 10/12 evening
Visit another daycare place 10/13
Print thank-you notes 10/14
X sonogram 10/14
Review types of childbirth classes 10/14 evening
Return another incorrect purchase to Babies R Us 10/16
R lipoma sonogram 10/16
J finishes assembling info for lawyers 10/16
Check in with doula 10/17
Birthing center tour 10/17
Cook and freeze a big batch of something 10/17

*pant pant*

Not included on there is all of us having day jobs (including big projects/crunch time on all fronts), date nights, hobbies, chores, constantly working on being a better family (improving conflict resolution, practicing asking for things we want and need, supporting one another through our various anxieties around pregnancy and birth and parenthood), etc. Fortunately the list for the second half of October is slightly less daunting.

The lipoma is on my lower back, about 5 cm by 2.5 cm, and totally benign. It's been there for years and years. I wouldn't even bother having it removed except that it does get a very little bit bigger every year and is starting to occasionally ache a little, which means I'm going to have to have it out eventually. Better to do that now while it's moderate-size (which means a quicker procedure and faster healing) and while I'm not picking up a baby all the time (stitches on my lower back = no lifting heavy things for a couple of weeks). So there will probably be an outpatient procedure for that sometime in November, whee.

On the hobby front, I've been obsessing over annotating the Hamilton lyrics on Genius; just putting the subject line on this post reminded me of an annotation I'd wanted to make and suddenly it's half an hour later. (I've so far resisted the siren song of annotating every TMBG song ever, because a) I do not have time and b) no, really, I don't have time. I permitted myself to mark up "Vestibule" and that is it.) (For now.) I've also been growing some nice virtual succulent gardens in Viridi.

I finally finished knitting a pair of baby booties, and I'd like to try making a blanket or sleep sack next. The booties were pretty tough on my arms but I'm hoping working with larger needles will be easier. Now I just have to survive the rampant gendering in the comments of every single Ravelry pattern for babies. THE BABY DOES NOT CARE WHAT COLOR THE SLEEP SACK IS. Anyway, this looks cute and I might try to make it, maybe using this technique for ribbing to see whether it makes me hate ribbing any less.

I've turned in my Best Books list for 2015, which in theory means I can read for fun now, but I have no idea what I actually want to read. Maybe I'll reread some old favorites.

It's very firmly fall now. Right now it's 40F outside. Inside, the heat's come on, but I haven't put plastic over my window or taken out my air conditioner yet, so there's still a bit of a draft in my room. The cats think this is the best weather ever, and have been super cuddly. Sam keeps walking all over me. Alex usually avoids X's bed, which is Sophie's territory, but the other day X woke up from a nap to find all three cats hanging out on the bed together (though all carefully positioned at the maximum possible distance from one another). Even the usually aloof Sophie sat on J tonight while X and J and I were cuddling! We were all completely astonished.

Our early wintergift to ourselves was heaps of warm clothing from L.L. Bean: robes, slippers, flannel shirts, insulating undershirts, a fits-over-the-bump winter coat for X, all that lovely stuff. I got a Black Watch plaid flannel nightshirt that goes down to my knees and it's the best thing ever. I think I'm going to snuggle up in it and go get lots of good sleep.
18 October 2015 16:10
My "voice of experience" dictated in my head while reading abouy baby blankets:

"Make it one you can make larger, fold to make smaller, and big enough to be a teen's lap blanket. Or one of yours', if teen moves on and doesn't need it."

I'm using the one I made for Deb, rolled up, as a pillow. Deb is far as i know using the one i made for Mariel. The kiddos here over time take over, then pass down by age, the Paddington quilt Jeff's great aunt Helen made for her grands that was then given to infant Deb, then Mariel. Even though they are completely unrelated by blood or family to Jeff's family, and Helen died a few years ago, it's still "Aunt Helen's blanket." And the lap blanket Mom used for decades, patched and repatched until it was too threadbare for even the patches to have patches, eas made by sewing mine and my brother's blanket end to end. Blankies are like that.
18 October 2015 16:38
rosefox: Green books on library shelves. (Default)
Thank you, that reminds me to talk with a friend who sews about patching up my old silk baby blanket.
20 October 2015 10:59
adjectivegail: (knitting)
My mum did this for us, A's baby blanket was a good size for wrapping him in or laying over him in the buggy, when he was born. After that first winter was done my mum took it back and added another row of blocks along each edge. It's now HUGE and A still loves it. Most recently it's been serving duty as his 'den', draped over a couple of chair backs or similar. But it's getting colder again now, and it's the only knitted snuggly that can fit across 3 laps in a row on the sofa.
21 October 2015 06:26
rosefox: Green books on library shelves. (Default)
I love the idea of the blanket that grows over time!
19 October 2015 16:36
I find that for 1x1 ribbing, combination knitting Continental style is the quickest and eliminates some weird tension issues I get transitioning between knit and purl stitches (only in the one direction, not from purl to knit). It feels like running downhill compared to other ways of working ribbing. It's less effective I find in larger ribs, but since it eliminates the tension issues, I continue to use it anyway.
19 October 2015 16:38
rosefox: Green books on library shelves. (Default)
I've generally found the same, but I'm not as comfortable switching to Continental/combination as I'd like to be.
20 October 2015 10:51
adjectivegail: (Default)
I discovered Hamilton about three weeks ago now, both because of your posts and because of my beloved cousin who also lives in NYC and was also raving about it. I have not listened to anything else on my Spotify since then. And I listen to Spotify every day. It was a week before I even went back to listening to audio books on the commute to/from work, instead of just more repeats of Hamilton. Am seriously disappointed that Ron Chernow's book isn't available in Kindle, but I'm not buying an 800+ page brick to carry on my commute! I am loving the annotations on Genius though, I knew absolutely nothing about the history behind this story beyond the general 'there was a revolution in the US a few hundred years ago'. I didn't even recognise the name Alexander Hamilton. The lyrics and the comments on Genius keep sending me back to Wikipedia to do more reading.
21 October 2015 06:28
rosefox: Green books on library shelves. (Default)
I'm told there are rumors of it traveling to London at some point, and I really hope it does and you get to see it. Glad you're enjoying it so much!
21 October 2015 13:34
adjectivegail: (geeky kitten)
Yes. Also that they're going to make a film/DVD! *excited*
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