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1 November 2015 18:19 - "When I used to go out"
rosefox: Batman feeds a baby while saying "We'll both be just fine" (futurekid-yay)
We've been reading and enjoying the Alphamom pregnancy calendar blog every week. This week it recommended a site called Rookie Moms that has suggestions for things to do with your baby, for moms (of course it's only for moms, non-mom parents don't exist) who would otherwise sit at home and be bored or panic or feel at a loss.

It is aimed at people who are... not us. A lot not us. It suggests doing things that we have no interest in doing now, like yoga classes and pedicures. We're certainly not going to want to start doing those things after the baby is born.

So here's my stab at a list of things we already like to do that we might also like to do with a baby in tow. Other suggestions welcome!


* Walk in the small park nearby, or along our street or Eastern Parkway.
* Once the baby can go on the subway, walk in Prospect Park. Maybe get a jogging stroller if J wants to take up jogging again.
* Go swimming or take an exercise class at the Bed-Stuy YMCA, which offers childcare for kids 6 months and up.


* Visit friends.
* Visit my mother.
* Have people over who like (or at least don't mind) hanging out with babies.
* Go to meetups for queer parents and families.
* Hang out with excellent people met on neighborhood parent mailing lists.
* Look into children's programming at the local library branch once it reopens (currently undergoing extensive renovation, probably open again in March-ish).
* Arrange a regular playdate with the downstairs kids.
* Maybe get a day pass to Stomping Ground and see whether it's a useful place to meet local parents and kids (alas for no longer living around the corner from there).


* Take long walks and people-watch.
* Go to the library.
* Go to BBG.
* Go to the aquarium.
* Go to kid-friendly but not necessarily kid-oriented museums, music shows, and theater. (Kid-oriented can happen when the kid is older.)
* Picnic in the park.
* Go out to kid-tolerant restaurants.
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