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"But I haven't got a thing to wear"

Here's our inventory of baby clothes acquired thus far. Parents, how insufficient is this? :) I'm including the stuff for bigger kids for the sake of completion, but mostly I want to make sure we're stocked up on newborn/0-3 things and 3-6 things. Our baby's weight is at something like 70th percentile right now, so I expect them to size out of newborn clothes pretty quickly; we're also planning to try cloth diapering, which may mean getting leggings a size larger than we otherwise would. We have a washing machine, and I already do laundry several times a week (three adults generate a lot of laundry), if that helps with estimating how much we need to have in stock; I don't plan to let pee-soaked things sit around. Fortunate we're getting the diapers from a service and don't have to factor those into the washload.

One size:
1 lightweight swaddle

Newborn/0-3 months:
2 lightweight sleep sacks
1 heavyweight sleep sack
4 pairs leggings
1 pair jeans
1 pair overalls
5 short-sleeve kimono shirts
1 long-sleeve kimono shirt
1 long-sleeve pullover shirt
6 short-sleeve onesies
2 long-sleeve onesies
1 long-sleeve gown
2 footie sleepers
1 bib
2 hats
6 pairs socks

3-6 months:
1 lightweight swaddle
1 hoodie
1 pair leggings
1 pair jeans
1 long-sleeve kimono shirt
1 polo shirt
4 short-sleeve onesies
1 footie sleeper

6-12 months:
1 short-sleeve onesie
1 footie sleeper
1 button-down shirt
1 pair awesome sparkly purple shoes

12-18 months:
1 hoodie
1 pair shorts
1 t-shirt
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 button-down shirt

I am deeply indebted to [ profile] vschanoes, [ profile] schrodingersgnu, and [ profile] d_aulnoy (and their babies, who conveniently predate ours by six to twelve months) for the many many hand-me-downs they have already given us and will undoubtedly provide more of in the near future. We also received many baby shower gifts of nice neutral white, gray, beige, and yellow baby clothes. Meanwhile, when X and I go out and buy baby clothes, we go straight for the gendered things, e.g., the button-down shirt and sparkly purple shoes, which I bet will look awesome together. It's nice to have options.
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Oh, that's fine, because like you said, more hand-me-downs are coming and also you may be surprised what you like or don't like or what FutureKid ditto, so you may want to adjust as you go. (For instance I hated shirts on babies until I wasn't carrying them all the time because they'd ruck up, but many other people seemed to have no such objection.) Yay inventory!
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We also received many baby shower gifts of nice neutral white, gray, beige, and yellow baby clothes. Meanwhile, when X and I go out and buy baby clothes, we go straight for the gendered things

Are you having hir external genitalia sexed by an ultrasound tech, or are you leaving it as a surprise until the doc is forced to write something on a birth certificate? Too bad you have to pick one way or the other in the end. I mean, they pee different based on that external configuration and wiping's different when you clean them off, but in many ways it'd be nice if you could just skip all that and go gender free - or genderful for lots of genders. It's Baby X all over again!

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Sizing varies, and of course so do babies, but my experience with babies around the 75th percentile for length (and not otherwise terribly large) was that things fit at about half the stated age -- a three-month size fit at about six weeks, a six-month at three months, etc. None of my kids fit into newborn sizes to speak of at all. Generally speaking, the more expensive the brand, the larger they run.