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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-01-13 06:11 pm

"Gulp less, swallow more"

Last night and this morning, X and I independently noticed that Kit has leveled up in eating: gulping less, eating more slowly, taking longer pauses between bursts of sucking, pausing for several minutes after an ounce or so. I'm gobsmacked. We didn't teach the baby anything! The baby just figured it out! I didn't know they could do that!

Today was a BIG ADVENTURE. The newborn hearing screening they did at the hospital was inconclusive, so we took Kit into Manhattan to have it redone. X also needed to go by their office and drop off paperwork, and then had an OB checkup--all within the same neighborhood--so we took the opportunity to show Kit off to X's coworkers and the OB. Our baby is an awesome New York baby, wow. Slept on the subway, even when it was noisy (we're looking into getting baby-size noise-canceling headphones); drank cold formula happily, with nary a dribble; was wide-eyed and calm as X's colleagues crowded around the stroller (I've never seen so many young men clamoring to hang out with a baby!); cheerfully tolerated a diaper change in a public restroom; blithely ignored the below-freezing temperatures and the noise of Broadway; and passed the hearing screening, too. I was expecting overwhelmed overstimulated crankiness when we got home, but nope, Kit just alternated between eating and sleeping for a few hours and then woke up burbly and fine.

No one slept last night and we are all tired-anxious-cranky. I actually fell asleep sitting up, which I never do. But our baby is great and that is a great thing.
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[personal profile] ironed_orchid 2016-01-14 01:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Babies are amazing. Yours is of course extra amazing.
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Of course Kit just learned without being taught! Figuring stuff out is their main job and the theme of the papercutting I am slowly making for you all. What a best Kit.
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Awww. So cute! Glad baby is figuring things out!
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What an excellent baby!

As others have said, figuring things out is what babies do; it's one of their main jobs. It's endlessly fascinating to watch (I'm not a parent, but have hung out with friends and their newborns and toddlers and so on). They may not figure out what you want them to or do it on a convenient timeline, but hoo-boy do they do it.

I'm glad everybody will be more comfortable now and that the hearing test was a win.