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"Passed with flying colors"

A couple of months ago when Kit was being evaluated for eating difficulties, the speech/eating specialist suggested getting an occupational therapy evaluation because Kit was holding their wrist at a slightly odd angle. The OT eval happened today and Kit did great! We're not surprised, but it's always nice to hear an expert say "Your kid is totally fine".

Kit was in a very good mood and followed directions really well, including stacking rings on a peg, sticking pegs into a peg board, drawing with crayons and a marker, putting blocks away in a bag (Kit's really into tidying up and putting things where they go right now), putting shapes into a shape puzzle, and turning pages in a book. They couldn't quite pull the cap off the marker, but they tried very hard. The only thing they didn't want to do was stack two small cube blocks; they preferred to pick the blocks up and bang them together.

The OT was impressed that Kit can self-feed with a spoon, which is apparently unusual for 18 months. Kit's been doing it for ages! What an excellent child.

This is all separate from the physical therapy that Kit's continuing to get for gross motor skills, but they're doing very well on that front too.

Now I just need to get our service coordinator to make the speech/eating services happen. Kit's doing better with finger foods but still finds non-mush solids pretty challenging.
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[personal profile] tiger_spot 2017-07-05 08:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Look at all that manipulating stuff! Well done, that toddler!
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Go Kit! Glad to read that they're feeling better. UTIs are unpleasant enough when you're an adult; I can't imagine how miserable it would be as a wee person.
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What an excellent tiny human you have.

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I really really loved the specialists telling how fine my baby does. Such a feeling of calm and happiness! It's too bad she's now starting school and I won't be at the yearly check-ups with her anymore.

And your kid sounds really wonderful, I'm not a specialist but still I'm fairly sure this is an accurate statement.
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WOOT! Go Kit Go!
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Go baby!
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Splendid. Well Kitted, that Kit.
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I bet y'all let Kit try the self-feeding when they wanted to, instead of insisting on controlling feeding. I say that cos Miles wanted to self-feed right off, but B was too worried about mess to let him, and so it took an extra year to get him to try again. I still snarl at my mother in law to just let him feed himself, even if he's being resistant, because we totally wound up with a kid who keeps asking us to do things he can easily do himself. We are trying to let Avi have the spoon more often, and just dealing with flung smooshed fruit. >
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I would much rather wash a kid a little more extensively than spoon goo into them myself. That was a big benefit of delaying solids for us. And pretty much anything can be a finger food to a person who doesn't mind getting stuff all over their face.