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I cracked my phone screen a few weeks ago. Today two people I follow on DW posted about having broken their phone screens. We all have toddlers about the same age, but the toddlers aren't the ones who broke our phones. I think we're all just wiped out and clumsier than usual.

It's interesting knowing people who are in the same stage of parenthood, and looking at what else is similar and different in our lives. We all have occasional stress with our partners but nothing doomful. Paying off debt is a big topic right now. And housing comes up a lot, but with a wide variety of plans and thoughts: wrangling with family over property, saving up for a down payment, planning to rent forever.

Also, all our kids are falling off beds and walking into walls and otherwise injuring themselves. It's hard learning how bodies work! But at least I don't feel unusual (or like a bad parent) (much) for having a kid who's doing those things.
3 August 2017 11:07
ironed_orchid: pin up girl reading kant (Default)
It's hard learning how bodies work when those bodies are changing. I remember during my growth spurt years between 10 and 13 which coincided with my first pair of glasses, that I would learn some new skill or trick in sports and gym and then extra height (or hips or boobs) would mean I had to adjust or even start again from scratch.
7 August 2017 19:24
ethelmay: (Default)
Oh, yeah. And that's when your center of gravity changes, too. All of a sudden I couldn't climb trees, or not nearly as well. It's one reason it's dreadfully easy to convince girls of that age that they're fat and weak.
8 August 2017 00:38
ironed_orchid: pin up girl reading kant (Default)
I was thinking about it as analogy with being a toddler and growing fast, but forgot to include that bit ;-)
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