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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2017-08-17 08:38 pm

"Have I told you lately"

It's my late night at the office. I videocalled home to say goodnight to the baby. They were tired, so after a while they waved bye-bye. I said "Okay, Kit, bye-bye! I love you!" and signed love you.

And they signed love back.

Me: [tears]
X: [tears]
Kit: [earnestly signing love at the camera]

My baby told me they love me. I'll just be here in a little melted puddle forever.
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awwww :)
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Oh, I needed this bit of smile today, even though it's "just" smile-by-proxy.
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*sniff*.... is someone chopping onions?
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Oh wow. Awww. ::melts::
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OMG, that's epic. *sniffle*
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Awww :)
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<3 <3 <3
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ZOMG! *cheers*
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When he was a toddler Chun Woo once told me that he loved me too much. I still tell him that I love him too much.
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That is just the best. How adorable.