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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2009-02-26 02:36 am

"A new alien full of fresh new alien juice"

First off, let me highly highly recommend my amazing gynecologist, who made this experience about as close to painless as it could be.

Secondly, a table.

Five years agoToday
No preparation200 mcg misoprostol inserted 4 hours prior to the appointment, 4 Advil taken 1.5 hours prior to the appointment
Good explanation of what was going to happenGood explanation of what was going to happen
[ profile] sinboy holding my hand[ profile] sinboy in the waiting room*
No IUD to be removedQuick IUD removal: one cramp-and-wince and then done
No local anestheticFour painless injections of local anesthetic
Cervical dilation with metal sounds: really really painfulNo further dilation needed, yay misoprostol
Sounding to measure the depth of the uterus: really really painfulSounding to measure the depth of the uterus: one cramp-and-wince and then done
New IUD: really really painfulNew IUD: one cramp-and-wince and then done
Afterwards: two days of stabbing awful pain so bad that I went in for an ultrasound to make sure there was no uterine perforationAfterwards: had a burger, got a stick-on heating pad for the minor little cramps, went to a party where I spent most of the night standing, walking around, and dancing

* Sometimes when I get nervous, he gets more nervous.

I got briefly light-headed after the old IUD was pulled, so we paused and I drank some water and bitched about my stupid hyperactive vasovagal response, and then we went on and everything was fine. When it was done, I blinked and said, "I got all worked up for that?" It was seriously so easy and (relatively) painless and fine, and so so so much better than last time. I am cramping a bit now, and I've been spotting all afternoon, but it's nothing like the agony I went through last time. I just need to eat something, take more Advil, and get some sleep.

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So why was it so much better? Better doctor, more knowledge on your part of how to prepare, or advances in standard practices since the last time? Or something else?

Anyway, yay for easy and painless control of your own fertility!

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I had no issues getting mine done, no pain or anything

Though I had a kid about a month prior so Im sure my level of pain awareness was a lil off. lol

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Ditto :) I also accidentally had about 600mg of ibuprofin in me, too.

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Wow, SO much better! My many-years-ago one was hellish as well. Yeah i wonder of the SOP has just made advances now, or you found a much better doc? Hurray for years of cheap trouble-free birth control!
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Oh, god, you'd just had this performed yesterday, hadn't you?

Daym! You totally didn't show it.

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Boy am I glad that you are going through all of this now, it's totally helped to prepare me for my appointment today. I didn't take what you took, but I had a motrin and then some of my deleriously lovely magical cough syrup (some codeine and morphine, or something) and the whole thing wasn't so bad. A 90-second long bad cramp, some spotting, and now I am just floating thanks to the syrup.

Plus, now we are within a day of each other, so I know when I read on your blog that you are going to get yours removed, it will be time for me to do the same! Hooray for Mirena!

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I thought this would amuse you -- not only are you to blame for my wanting an IUD, but my appointment to have it inserted is on your birthday. :)

I expect that my insertion will probably be less painful than your first, since I have already, er, had something in there for quite some time in the past. But I am curious to see!

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I actually came back all these years later to look this up so I knew what to do for my IUD switch. I don't think I can get the misoprostol but maybe I can convince them to use some local anestetic. I also had a miserable first experience, with cramping for days. I do have some leftover percoset from my foot surgery but I'd rather not have to use that again. Thanks for posting so honesty about what goes on like this. It's such a big help!