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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-07-05 03:28 am

"I brushed my teeth, I read my book"

Note to self: when books feel like they're somehow too much, too intense or daunting or demanding, you might just be struggling with the idea that you get to have leisure time. You do. Don't fixate too much on the idea of reading, or of choosing exactly the right book, and turn it into something big and complicated. It isn't. Just pick up any good book--the house is full of them, your hard drive is full of them--and let yourself fall into it. It's not a commitment or a chore; it's a pleasure.

Don't do this at 2 a.m., though, or you'll be up far too late reading.

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This is a problem that I find comes out of not enough free time! When I only have one free hour a week: the pressure of finding the right thing to do with it is overwhelming! Sometimes to the point I can't enjoy my hour!