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"Or saving my appetite"

Very important info for people who eat a lot of rice and rice-based products, especially celiac/GF folks:

In January 2015, Consumer Reports put together a major report on arsenic in rice, including recommended consumption quantities for adults and children.

Primary takeaways:

1) Eat grains other than rice (CR's report includes info on arsenic content in various grains); if you really want to eat rice, eat rice grown outside the U.S.; if you really want to eat rice from the U.S., eat basmati rice from California.

2) For once, white rice is healthier than brown rice.

3) Rinse rice before cooking it, and cook it like pasta: use lots of water, and drain the excess water when the rice is cooked.

4) If you eat products made with rice, like GF pasta or rice crackers, check the manufacturer's website for a statement about arsenic testing and/or rice sourcing. There's a good compilation of manufacturer statements here.

I strongly encourage reading the entire report; it's pretty sobering stuff. Please share this info widely.
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Thanks for sharing, rice is my default starch. I usually eat basmati from Pakistan or wild rice from Thailand, but it's good to know about this and and think about it when I am eating out in North America.
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Good to know! I guess I should stop being too lazy to wash my rice. I kind of wish they had checked the fancy California Japanese rice we get in big bags.
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Thanks for the info!
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Welp... I'm glad that I only eat imported jasmine or basmati rice, which is because both are lower on the glycemic index than white rice (brown rice is even lower, but I really hate the texture). Eesh.

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Without wanting to sound too much like an infomercial...

We grow a Non-GMO Project Verified rice on the island of Mauritius and had our rice tested for arsenic by Dartmouth. The result was below the detectable limit (<2 ppb). You can see our results here:

We only commenced farming in 2008 and the country had never grown rice in its history. We think the biggest factor for low arsenic in our rice is due to growing our rice on dry fields, solely relying on rainfall for irrigation.

Most rice in the world utilises continuous flood irrigation and it is thought that this anaerobic environment encourages the release of inorganic arsenic from the soil.

Additionally we refrain from using poultry manure as a source of organic fertiliser as unfortunately the poultry industry in many parts of the world still use arsenical drugs to promote growth.
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Basmati is the only rice I've been able to tolerate for a couple of years now. I'm suddenly left wondering if all this is why.

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scary stuff :(
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Yipes, thanks!