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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-08-05 01:56 am

"Now I'd walk through blizzards"

Today I got to have lunch with a school friend I haven't seen in nearly 20 years (and have quietly missed for much of that time). We talked nonstop for two full hours before reluctantly tearing ourselves away, with many promises of spending more time together soon. It was incredible.

I feel profoundly lucky that we crossed paths online, and grateful that she reached out to me (she was using a pseudonym and I never would have known it was her) after all the years of keeping her distance, and proud that I have grown up into someone who says "Yes, let's have lunch!" instead of holding any kind of grudge over those years. She needed space from me then, and now she's ready and able to reconnect. I understand the former and I'm thrilled about the latter.

It was just a purely good thing and I'm so happy to be in the timeline where it happened.
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That sounds really, really lovely. I'm very happy that you got that time. ♥

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This is awesome! I'm glad to hear about this. Here's hoping your friendship continues and grows.

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(Sounds like an occasion for breathing?)

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