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"To say my gas cap is unscrewed"

World Fantasy update (following part one and part two of a discussion of the con's financial costs):

I decided to buy a membership. If I change my mind later I can always get a refund.

On August 3 I emailed the conchair and the registrar to say I would be buying my membership, and I sent the membership fee to the convention's PayPal address.

On August 10 I emailed the conchair and the registrar asking for confirmation that they had received my payment.

On August 14 (today) I emailed again:

Hi Joseph,

I'm starting to get concerned. I sent you a significant amount of money, which was definitely taken from my bank account by PayPal. I haven't heard from you and my name doesn't appear on the WFC site list of members. Can you please confirm that you received my payment and that I'm getting a membership?

I'm glad I checked the site because I saw that banquet tickets had gone on sale. My primary reason for purchasing a membership was to have access to purchasing a banquet ticket. However, the ticket sale page doesn't say anything about being required to be a member in order to get a ticket for the banquet. I have purchased a banquet ticket. If a membership is not required for this, then please refund my membership.

Thank you,
Rose Fox

In late July, I'd had a back-and-forth email convo with the conchair over several days; during that time, my emails were answered very promptly. Now that I've sent them $327 of my hard-earned dollars, they're incommunicado. This is... a bad look.

The membership list on the site hasn't been updated since July 30.

Has anyone else had similar issues with being offered a waitlist membership, buying it, and then not getting confirmation? Has anyone heard from the WFC chair or registrar in the past two weeks? Has Albany been suffering from a massive power and internet outage and I missed the news?
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[personal profile] feuervogel 2015-08-14 12:53 pm (UTC)(link)
There have been a lot of complaints about this WFC committee's lack of communication and response basically since membership opened :/

[identity profile] 2015-08-15 02:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Um, it's the middle of the summer and maybe they are on vacation? Or getting ready for Worldcon?

I realize World Fantasy is a more professional convention and is coming up in the fall, but I'm sure there are a bunch of conventions that go dark for a while in the summer.

Also, given you have the email offering you the wait list membership and your paypal receipt, I'm pretty sure that any convention would let you in if you showed up.

Hopefully they answer you soon.

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Joe is bad at email, and kind of a choke point. (Count yourself lucky that you once got a prompt response.)  I do see you on the waiting list. Email for more info, but be patient; people are at Worldcon.