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"Throw the crib door wide" 
28 September 2015 00:22 - "Throw the crib door wide"
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Today, after months of planning and stress, we spent three hours surrounded by friends and family at what was unquestionably the best baby shower of all time. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives. <3 <3 <3

The oldest person was J's 92-year-old grandmother and the youngest was an 8-month-old baby. J's mother was there from Singapore! Graham was there from London! Emily and Sioban and Miriam and Alex drove down from Boston just for the party! My friend Mara, who I've known since kindergarten, showed up with her incredibly sweet boyfriend. X's coworker Joe didn't know anyone but X and seemed to have a good time anyway.

My aunt got us M&Ms custom-printed with "FutureKid" and "they", in our family colors... and gleefully pointed out that the printing was done in Comic Sans, because in my family trolling is an art form. My uncle flew in from Lisbon and my cousin Charlotte and her husband flew in from London. I hadn't seen C and R since their wedding three years ago! And I got to hold their baby, who's super adorable and extremely sociable; I was quite impressed. Helen and Jonas brought their kids, and Peter and Erin arrived with their daughter at the last minute, and J's cousins were there with two of their daughters, and my mother's friend Robin brought her two boys. I thought my mother had gone way overboard on craft supplies for entertaining the little ones; I was wrong. They devoured them. :) We had very few leftovers to bring home. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by the kids our kid is going to grow up with.

J's family and my family and my mother's friends and our friends all just swarmed us with unstinting love. It was fabulous. We missed many dear friends and relatives who couldn't make it, but it was so good to see the ones who did.

J's uncle took a great picture of the three of us:

Josh, me, and X looking very happy (and X looking very pregnant)

Yes, X's belly has a name tag.

After the party, J and X and J's mom went home, and I went to a TMBG concert, because I have interesting priorities. It was an Apollo 18 show! How could I pass that up?

JL sang the incredibly difficult "Dinner Bell" like it was no big deal, and when they played "It's Good to Be Alive" I closed my eyes and sang along like it was a hymn. (Which it is.) They left "Fingertips" for the very very last song of the second encore, and after the first encore the crowd just chanted FIN-GER-TIPS until they came back, because we are such nerds that we knew it was the one major song off the album that they hadn't played. (They also didn't play "Hall of Heads", but they nearly always skip one song at their full-album shows, and we knew damn well they weren't going to skip "Fingertips". No one cares nearly as much about "Hall of Heads".)

The guy next to me was rocking out to the max while entirely respecting my personal space, which I appreciated. The guys behind us were smoking pot and getting SUPER EXCITED when they guessed a song from the opening chord. The crowd shouted and waved and jumped up and down and sang along in all the right places. It was pretty great.

The show ended in time for me to catch the totality of the lunar eclipse, which was very cool. And then I came home and smooched my beloveds and patted my cat and drank some water and left the heaps of gifts and cards to deal with tomorrow.
28 September 2015 12:12 - Tamar here (can't remember my dreamwidth info)
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Congratulations, it seems so much more real seeing pictures. I wish you all the best
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