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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-10-11 01:21 am

"A heart so fine it's certified"

Today the three of us got up at what X calls "fuck o'what in the morning" and endured a seven-hour advanced child care and infant/child CPR and first aid course. We are now all certificated for the next two years. Maybe when the cert is up we'll hire someone to do a CPR training party for us and our local child-having and child-caring friends. (Thanks for the idea, [ profile] and_rayna!)

Major props to X for doing the course while six months pregnant. They needed help getting down on the floor with the CPR dummies and getting back up again after, but they did those chest compressions like a champ.

Today would have been my grandfather's 100th birthday. I think he would have been very proud of how I chose to spend it.

I took Celebrex before and after the class, and brought an instant ice pack that I slapped on my right arm the instant the class was done. Real ice followed when we got home. Thanks to these precautions, my arm is only in moderate agony. Chest compressions are hard work. I have been forbidden from doing laundry tonight; I hope I'll be able to do some tomorrow. Mostly I need socks and underwear, which are easy to load into the machine and don't require folding, so I think I should be able to manage that.

Right now, maybe another round of ice on both arms--I always forget that my left arm gets just as inflamed but is quieter about it--and then a whole lot of healing sleep.
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Taking the CPR training is like a magic, requiring energies from elsewhere.

May your arms soon recover!
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Out of interest, what song do they suggest for doing the rhythm of chest compressions where you are? The NHS is having a dispute over Nellie the Elephant vs Staying Alive...
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I've always heard it as Stayin' Alive too (I'm also in the US), but there's another well-known song with a less positive message that also matches the BPM rhythm.

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Go go all of you! Way to be prepared! [pompoms] I hope your arms feel better soon.