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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-10-12 01:38 am

"Like you're running out of time"

Today I:

* slept a lot
* fed myself
* trimmed Sam's stiletto-claws
* showered and dressed
* drove to IKEA
* endured the 30-minute line (I'm so used to running errands on weekdays while WFH that I forget how busy stores get on weekends)
* got the one big heavy thing we needed and loaded it into the car myself
* drove to Fairway (it's right there!)
* shopped for dinner ingredients
* drove most of the way home
* stopped at another store for Earth Balance and ice cream and apple cider
* drove the rest of the way home
* fed myself again
* fed X
* iced my arm
* directed J in making pot roast
* ran to the corner store for thyme
* helped talk X through an anx moment
* helped X organize their bookshelves to make room for future shelving of further books
* collaborated with X and J on picking a photo to go on our babygift thank-you cards
* finished designing and writing the cards (just waiting on one address before I make the PDF and take it to Staples to be printed up)
* had dinner
* put away dinner leftovers
* put away all the leftover art supplies from the baby shower
* put away the reusable tissue paper from babygifts
* completely sorted through and emptied out the two bins of memorabilia from my mother
* packed hardcover books into boxes for future donation to Housing Works
* tidied my room
* filed my nails (I kind of have nails at the moment; trying to keep it that way)
* chatted with my father
* listed some things on Craigslist free stuff
* iced my arm some more
* got my inbox down to zero
* made this post

I'm making this post because I still feel like I didn't get enough done today, and X suggested I write it all out to prove to myself that I did. I guess the real problem is that there's still so much to do. We have a plan for doing it, and that helps a ton, but the bulk of it won't be done for another few weeks.

J was an absolute hero today. In addition to making the pot roast and doing all the dinner cleanup so I could rest my arm, he hauled book boxes out of the baby's room and into his room, moved all the flatpacked pieces of baby furniture into the baby's room so our library/hallway no longer looks like an IKEA warehouse, and took two more boxes of giveaway books down to the curb. I'm hoping that having the furniture out of sight will help keep it out of mind until friends descend upon us on the 25th for moving and building things. Having it heaped in the library was definitely stressing us all out.

Hopefully my arm will be better tomorrow and I can do laundry. That always makes me feel calmer. Who knows why.
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[personal profile] dantesspirit 2015-10-12 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, you were busy!

And yes, that *is* a lot of stuff done, even if you don't think it is. Of course it feels like there's a lot more to do- there's always going to be what seems like a lot to do when it comes to preparing for a new arrival, it's practically a requirement from what I understand.}:P

Take your time and be good to yourselves. You all deserve it.