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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-10-13 12:32 am

"Prepare for a second from now"

My last flu shot was in 2008. I fainted. It's the only time I've ever fainted. I was only out for a few seconds, but the doctor freaked out and called an ambulance and the ambulance took me to the hospital. The entire experience was not what I would call positive.

My doctors since then have generally agreed that I should avoid getting flu shots if possible. My anxiety around them is almost as debilitating as the flu would be, and I'm not in a high-risk demographic. However, this year I'm living with a pregnant person, and will soon be living with a tiny newborn baby, and they are in a very high-risk demographic. So I geared myself up and went to the nearby walk-in clinic, figuring they'd have very experienced staff who basically do this all day.

I was so, so, so anxious. I'd made sure to eat solid food and take taurine, but I was still really jittery. Unfortunately/hilariously, X, who had come along to hold my hand, contracted anxiety from me and started feeling dizzy; they had to go lie down in a separate room while I had it done. On the bright side, that both distracted me and put me in a "must be strong and stalwart for this other person" mindset.

The jab itself was nothing. One, two, three, done. "That's it?" I said, the way I say it after every single shot or blood draw I get.

Once it was done, X came back in to keep me company. I lay there for a while and then I sat up and drank some water, and that was fine, so I stood up, and that was fine too. I never even got dizzy at all. We went around the corner to get me a hot chocolate because a) protein and sugar yay and b) good to stay near the clinic for a few extra minutes just in case. I continued to feel fine. We came home and I was fine. I continue to be fine.

Lessons learned:

1) Get flu shots at a clinic with calm, sensible nurses instead of going to a nervous doctor.

2) Being professionally stabbed is never anything like as bad as I think it's going to be.
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i'm glad you continue to be fine :)

based on reading your other post linked above, it sounds like the physical process of injection is the part that you really don't like. have you ever talked with your physician about getting your flu vaccine delivered intranasally?

i've had it done; it feels like using nasal spray, there's a sudden burst of coldness in the nostril, and then a brief feeling of having a runny nose. the vaccine you get is the so-called attenuated influenza vaccine (made from, essentially, an influenza culture that has been altered such that it cannot infect a person with an otherwise healthy immune system, as i understand it).
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I so relate to this. Go you.
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That's kind of hilarious. Glad it went well, relatively.

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I sometimes run a fever for a day or two after a flu shot. It took me a couple of times to stop worrying I was coming down with something right after.

And my rule is - always get the shots from a nurse - they have more practice and are better at it than most doctors.