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I dreamed that X went into early labor and we went to the hospital. The doctor did an ultrasound and found that our baby had divided into two babies. Then they did another scan and found a third tiny bud of a baby that had only grown a little bit and wouldn't survive the birth. I was torn between "that's sad, three babies would have meant one for each of us" (I have no idea why this was where my brain went; maybe because we have three cats?) and "twins are going to be enough work, thank goodness it didn't end up being triplets!". We were also pretty mad at the doctors for not noticing earlier that X was pregnant with twins, but they shrugged and said "sometimes this happens".

I can't wait to see what kind of wacky/awful dreams my brain comes up with once there's a real live baby to worry about. :/

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My favorite was the one where the baby (age 4 or 5 months) flew off, like an owl, to hunt mice to supplement her diet.

Somewhere around the same time, Andres had one where she spontaneously split into two babies. He was, in the dream, very concerned about what kind of paperwork to file about that, and what to do about names.

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Wow. That is now my favorite too!
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Oh man, that's impressive. Poor you :(