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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-11-17 01:55 am


In real life, the other day, I woke up too tired to go to a planned lunch with a friend, so I emailed her to cancel and went back to sleep. Then I dreamed that we had lunch and I bored her so much that she fell asleep!

I also had another weird pregnancy dream last night. We had done IVF and picked out the embryo we wanted, but X wasn't able to carry the baby for whatever reason, so we regretfully put our frozen embryo in an envelope and tacked it to a bulletin board in hopes that someone who wanted a baby would find it and be able to use it. A little while later I realized that the embryo would probably thaw out before someone came along to take it and I got very distressed. We got back in the car and started the long drive back to where the bulletin board was in hopes that we could retrieve the embryo in time. Then I woke up.

Clearly I have been thinking a lot about what to do with the embryos we don't plan to use; I don't think the bulletin board route is the way to go, though.
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In case it would be useful, Radiolab did a podcast on fetal tissue donation this summer (audio only, no full transcript available). A couple expectant parents find out before their child is even born that it will not be able to live very long, and they decide to donate his remains. This article is a couple years after that decision, when the (potential) mother decides to track down where all his remains went, who they're helping, what sort of research they're contributing to.

It's done really respectfully (written/recorded by the [potential] mother herself) and reflectively, but depending on your current mood the trigger warning for (I forget which way the child passed) miscarriage / abortion / infant death might be a dead stop for you.