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I dreamed that J and I went to a gay bathhouse and hung out in a hot tub with a bunch of writers we know. Some actors who had recently played Doctor Who showed up, including Matt Smith and David Tennant. Everyone obviously wanted to get in their pants but we all tried to play it cool. One of our writer friends kept trying to sell CDs that a friend of his had made, and I'd heard good things about the album, so I bought one.

Eventually I dragged J off to a secluded spot. I wanted to have sex but he was very nervous about getting caught. I reassured him that we'd have plenty of warning because I had a phone app to tell us when a police raid was on the way. Just then it went off and said the place was about to be raided. We got out quickly and went to our car. After that it was a series of things going wrong: I'd forgotten to pay the meter, so there was an $84 parking ticket on the car. We got on the highway and had to pay a toll, and I was so far from the tollbooth (I suck at pulling up to tollbooths) that I tried to pull forward and back again but the toll-taker said that if I went too far forward it counted as going through without paying and that would break a federal law. So I leaned waaaaay out my window and managed to pay the toll in small bills and coins. We got kind of lost and ended up in a small town.

At that point suddenly X was with me instead of J, and it shifted from everything going wrong to being a sort of meandering sightseeing thing, like on the annual trips that X and I take to Long Island. We stopped in the town to admire a church that had been turned into a library. There was a librarian there who wore male clothes on their right side and female clothes on their left side, with half a mustache and everything. I made a point of smiling and saying hello, the way I do for folks who generally don't get a lot of smiles because of how they look (people who use wheelchairs, visibly queer people, people in hijab and niqab, etc.), and they smiled back very cheerfully. X and I got back in the car and this time I felt much less stressed about being lost; I figured I knew more or less how to get home and we had Google Maps on our phones and could find our way.

Yes, I'm bummed that it didn't turn into a sex dream involving David Tennant. (Couldn't care less about Matt Smith, personally.)

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Hubba hubba. :D

And I love it when a bad or anxious dream goes calm. :)