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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-12-27 04:31 pm

"Beating the boss level"

X's water broke and they went into labor at 5:15 a.m. Eleven hours later, we're at the hospital, epidural's in, they're napping and waiting for the pitocin to work its magic. Everything's going swimmingly. :D Updates are happening on Twitter for the most part but I will try to update here too when I can. Assume no news is good news.

21:49: So far so good. :)

00:28: 6 cm dilated, 80% effaced, baby's head at position 0. Epidurals are amazing and the nurse anesthetist is going to get the world's biggest fruit basket.

01:12: X is, miraculously, asleep. J and I are also going to nap while the fabulous doula [ profile] beetiger keeps watch.

08:21: Habemus babby! Born by C-section. Baby is in the NICU as a standard precaution; X is being stitched up and should be out shortly. We are all extremely tired.
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Wishing you all the best and hoping X has a speedy and low-pain time of it.
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Good luck, and I hope FutureKid's arrival is easy, straightforward and full of joy.
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Whee! Hope everything continues going swimmingly, indeed!
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thinking of you all
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Hope all goes well for all of you. Just in case it hasn't been mentioned, involuntary shivers are a common side effects of epidurals - harmless but weird for a few days, and I know a few people who didn't get warned in advance and got scared.
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*thumbs held*


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Maybe she is born already? And you are all totally captivated and unable to tweet? So happy I cannot stop snacking even on things I shouldnt like cookies.
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Hoping all continues well!

(Just occurred to me: One thing I wish I'd known with first baby: you can cup-feed for formula supplementation to prevent nipple confusion issues and still work toward a good latch.)
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BABY!!! YAY!!!
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Many congratulations!
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Woot! Hooray baby!
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Hurrah and congratulations!
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Fantastic! May the world be gentle, receptive, and nurturing to your tender new publication. :)
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Many, MANY happy congratulations to all! Best wishes to all in the days to come!

Will FutureKid remain FutureKid, or will you convert to something like CurrentKid? :) Either way, am so very happy for all of you!
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Happy birth day!!
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Any birth where the net number of happy healthy people in the world is +1 (or more, if relevant) is a good birth! :) Congrats to everyone!

If you're willing to share, I'd be curious to know how the decision to do a C-section was made - like fiat by doctor, decision by X, decision by the medical proxies not currently drugged up, group decision, whatever. I found out in visiting my parents earlier this week that they apparently have conflicting stories on how I ended up as a C-section, though rather than telling me they just sniped at each other and then both clammed up. *shrug*

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Hope everyone ends up feeling fine and at their best soon.
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Congratulations! :-)
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I have been in and out and just realized there is BABY! Congratulations!

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Ooooo, I'm so excited for all of you!!!

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Good luck.

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Best wishes for a delivery that is boring in all the ways in which you want it to be boring, and exciting in the ways that you want it to be exciting!

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This is a beautiful well-wish. I can say nothing better than "me too."

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