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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2015-12-30 11:53 pm

"Habemus babby"

So far so good. Kit's out of the precautionary NICU and done with the precautionary antibiotics (there was no actual infection, yay); they're eating and sleeping and making messes and having loud opinions like a champ. X's bandage was taken off today (a day late, and the OB had a look in his eye that suggested yesterday's PA was going to receive a serious talking-to for not doing it yesterday), and the C-section incision looks great. With sufficient pain medication, they were able to walk down the hall to the shower and even stand while showering. The one-flight walkup at our place is going to be a challenge, but then they can just stay home for a couple of weeks while they recover.

J and I are trading nights at home, so we alternate being well-rested. Tomorrow everyone will be home and everything will be great.

Updates continue to be mostly on Twitter. Sorry, non-Twitter folks.

I really want separate pronouns for "gender unknown" and "this person explicitly identifies as nonbinary". Using "they" for Kit is the least bad option but I don't want to imply that we're putting a nonbinary identity on them, especially in the context of using the same pronoun for me and X. We're just keeping their gender private until they figure out what it is and decide to be public about it.

I need to update my tags and userpic keywords. Tomorrow, maybe.
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So, for right now, the idea is that Kit's pronoun is "they" until they tell you otherwise, basically?
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How exciting! Congrats and well-wishes to all!
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I'm sorry, that anonymous comment was me.

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I like your approach to gendering those who are too young to tell us what they think.

I'm still thrilled that you chose the name Kit, it is the name of my (cis male) sibling. (We both have names that historically started out as diminutives of other names.)
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Kit is the diminutive form of my cis-female middle child's name. :-)
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Yay baby!

There is one reason for people helping you with baby care to know the genitalia: as I learned, babies with labias shouldn't sit in soapy water for too long.
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Hurray! Thanks for the update. Glad everyone is home. :D.

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*cheers for all of you*

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Congratulations to the whole family and a warm welcome to Kit. :D

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So glad all is well, and welcome to the world, Kit!

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glad all is well.

sympathies on pronoun thing.

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Of course I worried a bit. Good to see that all is well enough! Best wishes, and I look forward to all the squoodgie baby entries. :)

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BABY \o/

(We gendered ours early, not knowing any better. If I had another now I would do as you are doing.)

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Congratulations to you all!

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Just saw this, so happy for you! Congrats to you all.

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Congratulations!!!! =) I'm a bit late reading the LJ, but yay for Kit!

Both of ours are gendered, but we're purposely trying to be equal opportunity in the toys they get. My daughter got the elaborate spaceship (read, "marketed as a boy's toy") she wanted for Hanukkah this year; my infant son happily plays with my daughter's toys that are supposed to be "girls only" according to marketing. He particularly likes the Little People Princess castle, since it sings Disney tunes at him. =)

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Oh, also, for the purpose of knitting things, baby boys and baby girls are both pretty much the same. It makes it very easy to whip off gender-neutral sweaters. =)

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Belated congratulations!