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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-01-09 02:51 am

"I'll make a million mistakes"

Today: a day without crying or panic attacks! Therefore a good day!

I did feel one anxiety wave hitting me late this evening, but it was clearly caused by hunger and I was already in the process of making food, so I finished cooking (without injuring myself!) and ate a great deal of food and asked X to bring me taurine, and 20 minutes later I was fine. I feel this somehow balances out my panic of... yesterday? the day before? It all blurs a bit.

Today is the first day without any "firsts" to note in the baby book. Kit continues to be Kit, and doing all the expected baby things. We're still learning how to deal with the eager gulping feedings that lead to spit-ups and discomfort. Dr. Brazelton recommends letting the baby recline at 30 degrees for 20 minutes after eating and before burping, so that the burp doesn't bring milk up with it; I'll try that at the next feeding.

I'm the on-call babyminder for the next four hours. I should probably spend them sleeping in my bed with the baby monitor on, rather than sleeping in the baby's room, but I can't quite bring myself to take that step yet. It requires trusting the monitor app, which is sound-activated, and it's never let us down but I'm nervous anyway. On Monday J will go to his office and get all the packages that have been piling up there, including a tablet stand that will let us set up the tablet right over the crib to give video as well as more sensitive audio than it currently gets from a few feet away. That should help. If it doesn't, I'll switch from the sound-activated monitor to Skype or something.
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Today: a day without crying or panic attacks! Therefore a good day!

That sounds like a good day. I hope there are many more like it.

*offers a hug*

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I know what you mean about not being ready to leave the baby's room while Kit sleeps. I hope you can get useful rest while you're there.

Getting a whole bunch of packages at once - what fun!
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ER was an 'eats too much and then explodes' kid too; we never really solved it aside from 'burp her before letting her at the other nipple'.

(Now she's an 'I'm going to pound on the table until you give me more cheese' kid.)

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If it helps, our sound-activated monitor never failed us.