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"With a rebel yell"

Our demon troll baby turned two weeks old on Monday. How time flies!

Kit has been having some issues with reflux. Our wonderful pediatrician recommended a super-gentle extra-hydrolyzed formula and it's working pretty well so far: still some spitting up, but much less arched-back screaming. We're also under instructions not to feed the baby too much or too frequently. This is awkward because the baby wants to eat basically all the time. I am rapidly becoming an expert in pacifier deployment. Fortunately pacifier + rocking cradle or cuddling = soothed baby at least 50% of the time, and I will totally take those odds right now.

Yesterday flailing little Kit was OUTRAGED that I DARED to offer a pacifier, spat it out repeatedly, then sucked three times on my pinky finger and fell completely asleep. This sort of thing is where we get the nickname "demon troll baby", which we use with all affection. The three of us don't have many personality traits in common, but a delight in trollery is one of them, and we were pretty much resigned to being trolled by our baby from day one.

Today I learned the difference between the reflux yell and the tension release yell:

R: *tries pacifier, pinky finger, holding, rocking, tummy rub, diaper change, everything*
R: Do you need me to just be present and witness your cry of outrage?
K: WAA*falls asleep, sleeps deeply for an hour and a half*

Kit's weight gain has been good and diapers are being dirtied at the expected pace, so at least we don't have to worry that the reflux is getting in the way of nutrition or hydration. I asked whether we should do weigh-ins at home if the reflux continues, and Dr. A said "Not every day or you'll flip out every time the baby happens to lose an ounce!". I am deeply glad we have a doctor who understands new parent anxiety and is sympathetic and helpful without being patronizing.

(I noticed that the doctor and his staff all seem to use "he" for all the babies, as what amounts to a gender-neutral pronoun--it's clearly used in the sense of "with the diaper on I can't tell the gender and it's not relevant anyway". I don't think I've encountered that before.)

J went back to work yesterday. X is barely even taking ibuprofen for what remains of the C-section pain, and is able to bend down well enough to load the dishwasher and feed the cats. I read a collection of three stories by Tanya Huff, set in her Quarters universe, and started rereading Five Children and It--the first fiction I've read since Kit was born. We're all getting a pretty surprising amount of sleep given that we're new parents; yay for taking shifts. Slowly life returns to normal.
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(I noticed that the doctor and his staff all seem to use "he" for all the babies, ... I don't think I've encountered that before.)

Are you specifically saying using a male pronoun for babies is something you haven't encountered before, or a circumstance where a medical professional acknowledges that gender isn't relevant, or something else?

"Not every day or you'll flip out every time the baby happens to lose an ounce!"

I occasionally weigh my bird, Kappa (and the bird I had before her, Gabe). I was told by a lot of different people that a loss of 10% was a reasonable tolerance at which to start flipping out. Turns out though, that 10% is only a good threshold if you're always weighing the bird at the same time of day (as regards pooping and food, for example), as they can easily fluctuate by 15% within a day. The one time I had a health panic for her, yes her weight was down by 10%, but that wasn't unusual in and of itself, it was just one piece of data among many. (All this is not to say that bird or other pets carry the same value as human babies, just that I can sympathize with weight monitoring as a health indicator of a life in one's care.)

demon troll baby

Is there also an element of "trolls came and switched our baby with a changeling at birth"?

we were pretty much resigned to being trolled by our baby from day one.

Heh, my union is currently employing a job action called Work to Rule (WTR) due to being without a contract since July. One of the things we've been doing is any time an administrator has a meeting, we go to the meeting and immediately adjourn it. I've been updating my students on the job action, and in describing this specific aspect I realized that we're all basically trolling our bosses. It's great. :-P (Of course, a fair contract would be even greater, but *shrug*)

And I owe* you answers to questions. Had a busy day yesterday, and today's been emotionally draining.

*"owe" in that they were questions that I wanted, it is something that I do want to do, and they're interesting questions. :-P
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Thank you for the updates!

Our first kid spit up all the time. There is a memorable photo of one of my friends holding him over her head and the photo caught the spitup in motion.

It was a mess. So was her hair. We laugh about it now.

We all got used to wandering around with towels over our shoulders as a normal part of our outfits. It got better around six months, though.

Amazing how many yucky things babies inure one to.

Good luck!!!
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Exactly! You are pre-inured!

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the baby wants to eat basically all the time

My mantra used to be "They're just getting used to life without an umbilical cord. NATURALLY they want to be fed 24/7. That was the norm for them until very, very recently."

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I'm so happy that it's all going so well! And I love hearing about it all.
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I am amused that you said exactly what I was clicking through to say. But it's true! Yay for things going well, and getting sleep, and all of this, and thank you for sharing all of it with us.

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Hurrah! You sound like brilliant parents!

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"Do you need me to just be present and witness your cry of outrage?"

This is hilarious!

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Exactly what I was going to say!

Two weeks, hurrah!

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I'm glad things are slowly returning to normal. I think it was two weeks when I was left alone again - Rick went back to work, and Ilan left, having been there for 3 weeks.

Babies screaming is the worst. Yay, finding a gentle formula to manage the reflux! My little dude had stints of 3-8 days with no dirty diaper, and then a LOT of pain before getting everything out. It was nerve-wracking. Thank goodness I had a friend who helped me out a couple times with those nights.

I like your icon. }:->

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Sounds great! I'm glad.