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"And I just can't wait"

Back in May 2014, I was having a very hard time around baby things, and certain no one would ever see me as a "real" parent. I wrote about it a little bit here. To counter this feeling, X and I went shopping for baby clothes. We got some pretty random stuff in random sizes--whatever looked cute. We got some frilly things and some butch things. We got a little stuffed dragon to guard the hoard. (We named him Beauregard.) We tucked the clothes away under X's desk.

Today I put one of those outfits on Kit, and X took photos of us together. (If you follow [ profile] subtlekid, you can see them at . One of them also became the userpic on this entry.) They are pretty terrific photos, even if the outfit is still a wee bit big for the baby. :) But I've waited nearly two years for this and didn't want to wait any longer.

Dear past me: I feel entirely like a real parent, and no one gets to tell me I'm not one. It'll all be okay. I promise.

I can't wait until Kit is old enough to play with Beauregard, and learn how he kept our dreams safe until they came true.
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I am grinning so hard looking at these photos
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The world sucks at times. I just remembered a number of instances in my childhood when people didn't think my parents were my parents. My father at least always shrugged it off as an age thing, but now I'm wondering how much was actually racial, as I looked a lot more non-white as a kid.

But yeah, other people suck sometimes, but it'll all be okay, I promise too.
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Now everyone is wanting their own.

And you definitely look like parent and child.
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Wait, I missed the baby post! Congrats! Yay for dragon stuffy guardians!

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I'd love to be able to see - I'm @Starshadw over there, and will send a follow request, though feel free to ignore it if that's your preference.
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I remember those posts, and am very glad to hear that your fears were unfounded.

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*parental fistbump*

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I love that photo soooooo much. :) And the outcome of the story.

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Congrats! Your tiny human is adorable. :) I'm thrilled for you all and how happy everyone looks.