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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-02-21 01:35 am

"Amaze and astonish"

This has been quite a couple of days for our tiny baby!

I noticed that Kit kept looking up at the tablet over the bed that acts as our babycam, even though the screen is black. I realized that Kit was watching their reflection. So we dug out the crib mirror that was on our babygear wishlist and attached it to the crib, and Kit was fascinated. Lots of wriggling around, trying to get close to it and look at it from every angle. First crib toy, check!

Friday night, Kit was still hungry after a typical 90 ml (3 oz) meal, so X brought us an additional 30 ml and Kit happily chugged it down. The three-month onesies are suddenly a little snug, too. Growth spurt, check!

This morning J played peekaboo with Kit. He hid in the short hallway that leads from the main part of the room to the door, then popped out. Hiding: Kit very still. Emerging: happy wriggling. Then he went to get ready to go to the store--but he hadn't made it clear that the game was over, so Kit waited and waited for him to come back, and eventually got quite sad that he hadn't. Object permanence: check!

Today I took Kit into Manhattan to visit my mother and her gentleman. The baby ate lunch, and then the grownups ate lunch, and Kit got some nap time and some wriggling time and some cuddling time. Happiness in a new place (that will eventually become a familiar place): check!

A couple of times in there, Kit achieved thumb-sucking and finger-sucking with almost no struggle. I am so impressed by how diligently they've been working toward this, and delighted by their success. Manual dexterity: check!

Then we tried putting Kit into the Baby Bjorn and that was apparently absolutely unacceptable. So I cuddled them through the first round of distressed wailing, and my mother cuddled them through the second round, and as the third round started, I had to leave to meet X and J for haircuts (the plan being that my mother would babysit and allow us this precious scrap of grownup time). R learning to walk away from the crying baby and trust that the babysitter will see them through: check. :(

When we got back, Kit was happily snoozing in my mother's arms. Mom said she'd spent a while holding the baby in front of her big mirror, and that Kit was very interested and seemed to more or less understand that movements in real life made movements happen in the mirror. More fun times with reflections: check!

After we got home, Kit demanded food and was impatient with the slow-flow nipple on the bottle. We tried a medium-flow one and they happily guzzled down 120 ml. Faster eating: check! (With the caveat that I tried the medium-flow nipple for a nighttime feeding and Kit was too sleepy to keep up with it, so there was spilling and gulping and milk fountaining. We're clearly not ready to make that transition fully yet. This is annoying because the Chicco slow-flow and medium-flow nipples look exactly the same--you have to peer at a tiny serial number to see whether it ends in M or N--and I'm not sure how we're going to keep track of which is which.)

While Kit was sleeping, I took my contacts out, put my glasses on, and put on the red knit cap that I use to keep my head warm when it's freshly buzzed. Kit woke up and fussed a bit, so I picked them up. They became quite concerned, verging on alarmed. I realized my whole appearance had changed from when they last saw me and I looked like a stranger. I took the cap off and said, "It's just me, it's your Zo." Kit actually giggled with delight--they've been making "gu" and "gluh" sounds a lot lately, and this one was more like "gluh-huh!"--and smiled and smiled and smiled and smiled. Apparently me being in disguise and then pulling my disguise off is hilarious. Visual recognition of parents: check! Finding things funny and laughing at them: check!

Tomorrow friends are visiting and Tuesday is vaccinations, but other than that it should be a pretty quiet week, which is good. I'm not sure how much more of this we can all take--it's all great stuff, but pretty dizzying coming on all at once.
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Kit is clearly extremely talented at being a baby-- that's awesome!
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[personal profile] kate_nepveu 2016-02-21 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, developmental leaps and bounds every day, good times, good times. Yay family!
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This is so cool. Thank you for posting.

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Their observations can really take you by surprise. I remember my eldest wasn't much older than Kit when I took her out to a meet with friends, among whom were some with a baby born around the same time. The dad brought the baby up to me so the two could see each other, and mine went off like a screech engine. We all looked around aghast, and finally figured out it was his beard. She'd never seen a bearded person before.

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I see you are entering the "don't blink" stage of development. :)

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Can you sharpie the different flow bottle nipples anywhere to help? Alternatively, can you soak one of them in a koolaid concentrate to make it look a different color but still be nontoxic?