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"We're on an adventure!"

It has been a long time since a Kit update! Mostly because this has been the week of no sleep, for baby-unrelated reasons having to do with stress and illness and other sucky things. But! here is what's going on with our absurdly long baby.

Kit started daycare on Monday, at age 11 weeks exactly. It's gone pretty well.

Mon: Kit was curious at drop-off and enthralled at pick-up, to the point where they roundly scolded me for taking them away from their new friends. I've never been scolded by a baby before. It wasn't just crying—it was tearful babbling, and it was very pointedly directed at me. To be fair, I did interrupt a very intense conversation they were having with an older baby. A walk in the park settled them down a bit, but Kit—who's been sleeping between 4.5 and 6 hours in a row most nights for the past week or two—woke up every hour all night, probably Just Too Excited about what a Really Exciting Day it had been.

Tue: Naturally, having been up all night, baby napped all day. When I showed up the teacher was feeding them, so I demonstrated the best angle that lets Kit go CHUG CHUG CHUG without spluttering milk everywhere. Sleepy baby continued being sleepy all afternoon and evening, to the point of falling solidly asleep post-colic instead of the usual pattern of scream-nap-eat. X had to wake them up at 11 to feed them—not usually necessary with our perpetually hungry baby!

Wed: X reported that there was some crying at drop-off, but Kit settled down fairly quickly after some bouncing in a bouncy chair. They consumed 12 ounces of formula during the day, up from five on Monday, so I think my feeding demonstration was a success. When I picked them up I noticed that their nose was very stuffy, so we stopped by Walgreens during our walk and I got a second set of NoseFrida + saline spray to keep in the stroller. (I actually used it in the park because Kit was snorting so hard. How does a nose that small make a booger that big?) I got an extra saline spray to leave at daycare; I hope they're willing to use it, even though I suppose it could be classified as a medication, because Kit snorts and snuffles an awful lot. Poor tiny baby with tiny nasal passages.

I think being around older babies is really good for Kit's development, because it gives them an idea of what's possible. Their vocalizations are starting to sound more like babbling. During tonight's late-night diaper change, Kit complained as usual, but in a way that was much more "let me tell you exactly what I think of you, and of this, and of everything" than "WAAAAA". And today, for the first time, they grabbed and shook the crib mirror for a couple of minutes! Being able to grab and hang on to a thing is a very exciting milestone. (I also felt a bit like I was watching velociraptors open doors.) They couldn't quite repeat it, so there was also some punching of the crib mirror, but it was still a very impressive feat.

This is also the first time I've seen Kit get really upset about abstract concepts like "I don't want to stop what I'm doing" or whatever it was they were crying about at drop-off this morning (presumably either "When you bring me here, you go away, and I don't want you to go" or "I don't want to be here"). Until now they've basically only cried from hunger or pain.

An odd thing is that Kit doesn't seem to recognize me when I get them at daycare. I think there's too much going on around them. They're very easygoing with new people, so they don't flinch away or cry or anything, but I don't get the "hi, it's you!" smile that I get at home. After we take our walk, I put them in the crib and undress them and give them some time to wriggle around and burn off the day's energy, and then suddenly the smiles come back. Everything's better when you're naked, apparently.

They've gotten much better at getting their fingers into their mouth on the first or third try (no credit to daycare on that one; they were managing it pretty well over the weekend), but haven't yet figured out that this is a thing one does for comfort. Instead, they do it when they're hungry and then get upset that food doesn't come out of fingers. Presumably the penny will drop at some point.

We're now routinely putting them in clothes labeled "six months". I know that's really "three to six months" but still. Long baby is long. I splurged on a ton of adorable stuff—Carter's was having a 50%-off sale on things I wanted anyway—and the clothes look great on them. Patterns include flowers, animals (tigers, giraffes, monsters, birds, turtles, an amazing appliqué fish with a flower behind its "ear"), and big bold stripes (narrow ones make X and me dizzy). I am very pleased.

Eating and sleeping continue to progress. As noted above, a typical sleep is 4.5 to 6 hours, plus whatever it takes to bring it up to about 9 hours total overnight; Kit takes one or two hourish naps in late morning and early afternoon. A typical meal is 90 to 150 ml in 20 to 30 minutes. We're going to have to switch to larger bottles soon. Kit was starting to get frustrated with the slow-flow nipples, but they can't swallow fast enough to keep up with medium-flow, so I used a sterilized needle to widen the apertures on the slow-flow ones, and that's worked pretty well. The reflux is improving; Kit still spits up when the bumps in the sidewalk jostle the stroller and upset their digestion, but overnight and during regular activity, the emissions have definitely lessened. Two out of three days, they've come home from daycare wearing the same shirt they had on when they left. Sure, it's usually a bit damp around the collar, but that's nothing like the epic spit-up we used to get.

It's strange having the house empty when I wake up. I've been feeling very lonely this week. I'm used to having X and the baby at home, and instead X is at work and the baby's at daycare and I'm all by myself. I have been getting a fair amount of work and housework done, especially tidying things in Kit's room, but it's hard. This has been compounded by all the stress and illness; having panic attacks is even less fun when there are no partners around to hug you and there's no baby around to cuddle. But we'll adjust.

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Kit sounds delightful.

Oh yes, being naked is always better. Just wait till they're two and a heat wave is on. (One time I had to help at our school's preschool, during a 114 degree heat wave. Old building, no a/c. We had asked parents to send bathing suits so we could fill a little plastic pool. Well, it felt so good that many, most, didn't want to wait for the suit, or wriggled out of it, and we had a nightmare of small bodies running free. Nightmare in the law sense. The kids were delighted. A couple of the older ones figured out how to get out of their clothes again after we caught and dressed them. A wild day, that was.)
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I love this part, when every little development is notable and delightful. It is happy-making in the extreme!

(incidentally, for us, it's still like this with the toddler, though developments are equally likely to cause challenges for us as well)

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*pebble* As always, I enjoy reading. Best to you and yours.
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I'm glad it's going so well!

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Aww, love hearing how it's going!

Yes, someone on twitter was saying how we rarely reflect on how great it is to be able to just jam our fists into our mouths whenever we want rather than waiting for them to fly randomly by and then trying to latch on. It is hard to be a baby.

Our kids' spit-up was mostly, but not entirely, contained by bibs. My favorite was the one that read YOU IDIOTS PUT MY CAPE ON BACKWARDS.

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I love the Kit updates. =)

Fun fact: 35 years ago, when I was a baby, my mom had to do the same thing to my nipples. I think it was something like there weren't really any low-flow ones around, so the doctor had her buy nipples with no holes, and poke them in herself with a sterilized pin. This was with the old yellow rubber ones though.