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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-05-24 02:34 am

"Musick has charms to soothe a savage breast"

Many months ago, before there was a Kit in the world, I went over to [ profile] kissane and [ profile] meetar and [ profile] dailyjuna's place to hang out with them. I think [ profile] kissane and I were having a work date or something.

[ profile] meetar came home and was v. tired and shagged out after a long day. He went to their music player and put on some amazing soothing music I'd never heard before. It was the most relaxing. "What is this?" I asked in wonder. He told me it was Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon".

I fell in love with it. I played it for X, who fell in love with it. And one night when we had a fussy baby, X played it for them. Now, every night at bedtime, we play "Thursday Afternoon" and rock Kit until they get sleepy, and then we put them in the crib to sleep. And every night I think how glad I am that [ profile] meetar happened to be in need of some soothing music that day.

Today I downloaded "Thursday Afternoon" to the tablet we have over the crib for a baby monitor, so it could sing Kit to sleep. Just now they woke up yelling--poor baby, trying to get used to dreaming, which really is such a weird thing--and I put my hand on their belly and put the music back on. They settled right back to sleep. Out like a light.

The only snag is that we have to wait for the track to finish, or sneak in and turn it off*, before we can use the sound-activated baby monitor. But that is a very small price to pay for an aural sleep-cue that is 60 minutes long, can be turned off at any point without a strong sense of interruption, doesn't become boring or annoying no matter how long or how often you listen to it, and doesn't require a parent to sing the same three-minute song over and over to the point of hoarseness. New parents and parents-to-be: I recommend it very very highly.

* At some point I'm sure we will set up some sort of networked speakers, or root the tablet so we can remote-control it. Right now, tiptoeing in works fine (and lets us stare at the baby a little bit too).
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Every time I read your Kit posts, I wish you'd been our parenting coach for E. :(

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When the chun man was tiny and got fussy in the car, Ella Fitzgerald was our Sekrit Weapon of Calm. "Miss Otis Regrets" in particular. :)

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Downloaded. Thank you.
Eno's "Music For Airports" got me through some rough Finals weeks.

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Oh wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)