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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-08-01 01:45 pm

"I'm with her"

Hillary Clinton's campaign just asked me why I donated to her. Here's what I told them (using "Hillary" instead of "Clinton" because that's the campaign's language):

I'm queer, transgender, and raising a seven-month-old. I don't want my child to grow up worrying about my safety, or scared that our family will be torn apart, or angry because the government denies us our rights. I'm counting on Hillary to make the United States safe for me and my family, and to support services for families that don't discriminate against any parents or children.

We're a white family living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, an overwhelmingly black and low-income neighborhood with many immigrants, some of whom are undocumented. The public and private schools are heavily segregated, as they are all over the city, which is detrimental to children of all races. My neighbors struggle to pay their bills, fight predatory landlords, and worry more about police harassment than about violent crime. I'm counting on Hillary to protect my neighbors from aggressive cops, promote racial integration in schools (if you don't think that's a 21st-century issue, you aren't paying attention), and find ways to redistribute wealth and help undocumented immigrants stay here legally so that these families can stay together and thrive.

I am disabled. I'm fortunate to have a job but often struggle to get my work done because I'm limited and in pain. I'd drop to part-time hours but I can't afford to, because we have to pay for childcare. And many disabled people can and want to work but have to keep their incomes and assets artificially low so they can receive essential services. A lot of the rhetoric at the convention focused on the idea that if you work, you shouldn't have to live in poverty. But NO ONE should have to live in poverty, including people who don't or can't work. I'm counting on Hillary to champion universal basic income in the United States so that disabled people are no longer caught in this horrible trap, and so that we can proudly say that in our nation, no one is poor.

Trump is terrible. But I'm not just voting against him--I'm voting for Hillary. And I plan to hold her accountable to her voters and her public.

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Oh, that is TERRIFIC!

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She will be hearing about that. You got important stuff in there, and rounded it up with accountability. Just awesome.

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Universal Basic Income is very close to being the top of my list. I may have missed it, but I haven't heard any candidate talking about it. I'm glad you mentioned it in your response to her.

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So am I. I look at where we're going to be in terms of jobs and employment in another ten years, and it's going to be a necessity (not just for our country).

Which is scary because I fear we will lag 20 years or more behind where we should be.

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It is also my strong conviction that in promising to hold a future President Clinton accountable for leading the building of a more equitable nation with enduring traction and leverage for all, we are supporting her in doing so.

Somewhat similarly, I think that Senator Sanders's campaign provided support for the work Secretary Clinton has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to accomplishing, demonstrating that the voting public is ready for it.

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So very yes.

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*applauds and takes notes*

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Well said.

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Well said. Now I should go see what money I have to donate or what I can cut out spending on to donate.
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Great letter! Here's hoping they listen.

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Careful. Your letter's so specific and well-written, her campaign might call you up to be a plant at a Town Hall.
"can you bring the baby?"

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Fantastic and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.