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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2016-11-05 01:33 am

"That you'll be sweet and gentle, be gentle with me"

Kit's getting over a cold, poor bean. They've held up very well through it but have endured a lot of snuffling and coughing. Last night they technically slept ten hours straight, but there was pretty frequent sleep-coughing and sleep-fussing. (I don't know what other people mean when they refer to babies as "fussing". We use it as an all-purpose term for any brief vocal complaint, the baby equivalent of "Ugh" or "This is bullshit!".)

Tonight I put them to bed as I usually do, and about five hours later they woke up and complained for a while. I waited to see whether they'd fall back asleep on their own, but instead they started coughing, which went on for a bit, so I went in and scooped them up and cuddled them under the fuzzy blanket that's one of our signals for "time to sleep". They tried to gnaw on my knuckle, so I gave them a pacifier; we've been mostly avoiding those while they're sick, because they have trouble breathing through their nose and the extra saliva makes them cough more, but sometimes they just need it to fall asleep. Once they'd settled back to drowsiness, I put them back in the crib and asked them to try falling asleep on their own.

This whole self-soothing thing is still relatively new. When they have trouble settling, I stroke their back and the back of their head (they insist on sleeping face down, stuffy nose be damned) to help ease the transition. Tonight they shifted around a bit and grumbled, so I stroked their back for a bit and then stepped quietly away—avoiding the creaky floorboard next to the crib is an art we are all gradually mastering—and waited to see whether they'd relax.

They reached a hand back and stroked their own head. Several times. Very gently. And then they tucked their hand under their face and fell asleep.
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That is wonderful.
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Awww! Your baby is cute!!
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Adorably clever baby.
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Awwwwwwww. :)

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And then we all turned into puddles of goo because oh my god.

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Just wait till they stroke and pat you, then it is truly melting time.

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I like the term "grizzling"

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They reached a hand back and stroked their own head. Several times. Very gently. And then they tucked their hand under their face and fell asleep.

As a parent, I turned into gooey mush inside at this line. It is one of those things that will get you through the rough times. And seems so adorably cute!

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Oh, that's so very dear to read. Thank you for sharing.