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"A mixed bag"

Today Kit had their first real playdate! [ profile] vschanoes brought over baby S and they had SUCH A GOOD TIME. The last time they came over was months ago and both babies just kind of lay around and were uncertain about each other. Today they sat on the floor together and played with blocks! There was taking and giving of toys! Putting things in boxes and getting them out again! Putting blocks under the couch for parents to retrieve! When Kit started to look a little overwound, we went for a walk and the babies babbled at each other from their strollers and it was GREAT.

They are both very laid-back chill happy babies. When S took a block from Kit and banged it on another block, Kit squealed with delight. There was no "that's mine!" fussing; it looked more like "S is putting on a show for me! Yay!". V said "Don't take Kit's things, you need to share" a couple of times, but Kit was perfectly happy with how things were going and I assured V that they would complain if anything became a problem for them, so we backed off and just let the kids play. (We did intervene when Kit tried to gnaw on S's shoulder and S grabbed Kit's foot a little too hard. "Pet the baby gently the way you pet a kitty," I explained.)

I really ought to go by the daycare earlier in the day so I can see how Kit is with the other babies there; usually I'm the last parent at pick-up time, so I've never seen them play with another baby like this. But they were clearly having a really terrific time. V and S were thrilled, and V promised to come over again soon. I'm just so happy to see Kit making a friend.


Yesterday was one of those days where you have to say "Everyone is fine" before talking about how the day went. X has had a really awful headache off and on for a week. Yesterday it woke them up at 3 a.m., so when urgent care was open, we went to urgent care. The really splendid doctor there sent us to the ER for a CT scan, saying "I'm not putting you in an ambulance only because you're walking around and your reflexes are good". We stopped by home to get phone chargers and then took a cab to the NYP/Weill Cornell Lower Manhattan hospital, where X gave birth. It's about as quick to get there as to get to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, which is ostensibly one of the best hospitals in Brooklyn and is also where we had a really traumatic ER experience several months back. We figured we could spare the ten extra minutes to go someplace where we knew we'd get good care. I called my mother and asked her if she could meet us there and bring me some soup or something, as it was 2 p.m. and I hadn't had anything to eat yet.

There was literally no wait at the hospital—we walked in and went straight to the triage nurse, who was sitting right out in the waiting room. An admin person sitting behind her logged X's ID and insurance info while she interviewed X and assigned them an ER nurse; it was extremely efficient. When we stood up someone was right there to take us into the ER and hand us off to the friendly nurse, who gave X a comfy chair (no need to waste a bed on someone ambulatory) and then sent them off to pee in a cup.

R: Is that just for a pregnancy test?
Nurse: That's right.
R: Because I can assure you there's no way my wife is pregnant.
Everyone: *cracks up*

...we probably shouldn't have been laughing that loudly in an ER. Oh well.

My mother showed up with soup and the Saturday crossword puzzle. X and I both dislike doing crosswords on our own, but the three of us doing one together was a perfect distraction. While I was down the hall having some soup and chatting with my mother, a doctor showed up, asked X a barrage of questions, said that sumatriptan and a CT scan would be happening in short order, and whisked away again. By the time X had had the other cup of soup, the nurse came by with the sumatriptan, boasting (accurately) of her skill and speed with injections. By the time the three of us had almost finished the puzzle, the CT tech showed up and took X off for the scan. Within half an hour the doctor came back and said "Results are normal! Congratulations, you have a brain!", urged X to follow up with a neurologist to figure out what is causing the headache now that we know it's not an aneurysm or a tumor, and got us discharge paperwork. We were there less than three hours total. And everyone we talked with was friendly, obviously clueful, and apologetic about the "waits" and "delays". It was miles beyond any ER experience I've ever had. So if you're in shouting distance of NYP/Weill Cornell Lower Manhattan and have a choice of ERs, I really strongly recommend that one.


I am trying really hard not to think about the election. Really really hard. I have plenty of other things to think about. But it intrudes constantly.

I have phonebanked and texted and done everything I can to get the vote out for Clinton. I will do a little more tomorrow and Tuesday. I have researched all the down-ballot candidates (including the one who's on the judicial ballot by mistake). I have a plan to vote. I just need to remember to wear white.

I will be so glad when it's Wednesday and we can at least stop waiting for the results, whatever those results are.


The Brooks Brothers shopping trip consisted of me walking into Brooks Brothers, saying "I don't belong here", and bursting into tears. The way Brooks Brothers does masculinity is really not the way I do it, for all sorts of reasons. Also, I couldn't bear the idea of letting their tailors anywhere near my body. On the way to the store I'd gotten really tense trying to figure out how to project the "right" sort of masculinity and when I realized that was impossible the tension kind of went boom. So we walked out again, and J will find some way to sell the gift card, and then we'll spend the money at Bindle & Keep or on getting good tailoring for the shirts I already have. In the meantime, I went to Express and got some really nice curve-hugging turtleneck sweaters in gorgeous colors. And then I ordered more sweaters from the Express website and a couple other things from H&M (they were on sale!) so now I have a fall femme wardrobe and am very pleased about that.

Ever since I decided not to go on T, I've been feeling very femme. I don't think it's coincidence.


I'd hoped to use the DST change to get myself back on an earlier sleep schedule, but X was totally wiped today because of being up with the coughing teething baby all night last night after the whole ER happy fun times, and I'd gotten plenty of sleep, so I said I'd take the overnight shift. Staying up until 5 is much harder when 5 feels like 6. But J has just woken up, so I'm going to hand off the monitor and go fall asleep a whole lot.
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And X still has the headache? :(

Kit is precocious! Maybe Baby S is, too-- I don't know Baby S's age.

I did not know about wearing white. But I dropped our ballots in the box a couple of weeks ago, from a car window.