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"Good tithings from Critt's moose and a hip for nude deer"

It's Yuletide! Hooray! I actually picked up two pinch hits this year because I was on vacation and the prompts spoke to me and why not? And then they ended up being 10,000 words combined. Which I wrote in eight days. D: I don't even know how I did that but it felt GREAT.

While we wait for the reveal, some fics I've loved so far:

ZOMBIE CANNIBAL SHIA LABEOUF. This is exactly the sort of bonkers amazingness that Yuletide is for.

I asked for trans!Ozma on the pinch hit requests page and didn't get it (maybe next year), but that reminded me to look through this year's Oz fics. This just barely slashy Ozma/Polychrome ficlet is super cute:

Two queer suffragists show Dorothy around San Francisco and listen to her Oz stories. So sweet! And full of good SF history, too.

A wild Oz/Labyrinth/Princess Bride/Neverending Story/Narnia/Arthurian legend crossover. Wow.

For Fifth Season fans, pregnant Syenite and tender Innon and adorable poly negotiations:

And one of Alabaster learning about, uh, that spoilery silvery thing:

Someone wrote about Aral Vorkosigan asking Captain Awkward for advice because the world is beautiful:

This teeny little Craft Sequence fic is sly and subtle.

80s movies! You wanted sweet sassy sexy Ferris/Sloane/Cameron fic, right? Yes you did.

Lydia Deetz house-sits for the Addams Family:

And this 21st-century Heathers fic redeems Veronica in a rather lovely way.

I don't know The Handmaiden, but I beta'd this fic and it's gorgeous. Kinky queer girls finding happiness:

Hamilton and Ghostbusters crossover with Patty staring down Jefferson? Hell yes. Expect to see this one on a lot of rec lists.

Ghostbusters F/F/F/F is the definition of "I do not ship it" and I still thought this was super cute:

There are THREE fics that mix Good Omens with "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and they're all pretty fun, though my favorite is (of course) the one with the footnotes, "Crowley and the Golden Fiddle":*a*%20Terry%20Pratchett/works

And there are two Hark! A Vagrant pirate/nemesis fics and both are ADORABLE. "Duel to be Kind" just slew me, if you'll pardon the expression:!%20A%20Vagrant/works

This adorable sexy postscript to The Grand Sophy is pitch-perfect:

I've got lots more bookmarked for future reading. If you feel like wandering around, the list of included fandoms is a good place to start.
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[personal profile] sovay 2016-12-27 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
Someone wrote about Aral Vorkosigan asking Captain Awkward for advice because the world is beautiful

That was great.

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Oooh I am definitely perusing your recs list!
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Is The Handmaiden the Korean film based on Sarah Waters' Fingersmith?