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"Onward and upward"

Dear Kit,

You are one year old today. It has been a very eventful year with lots of ups and downs for our family. Through it all, you have warmed my heart (and my lap) and made all the hard things feel bearable and all the good things feel even better. Your smile lights up my life. Your hard work and perseverance in the face of frustration inspire me. Your unstinting love and trust make me melt.

No offense to other kids, but every time I meet another child I think how lucky we are to have you. Of all possible children, I can't imagine one better suited to our family. You are goofy and ridiculous, opinionated when it matters, amiable when it doesn't, generous with demonstrations of affection, serious about self-improvement, vocal about your needs and easily satisfied, fascinated by the world. When people ask whether we're planning to have another child, we tell them honestly that it would be unfair to our second child to have to put up with having such a purely wonderful older sibling. Besides, we only ever wanted one baby. I'm so glad that baby turned out to be you, my best Kit. So glad.

I don't at all want you to feel pressure to live up to some ideal of perfection. You are perfect just as you are. You're perfect when you're clumsy and you're perfect when you're cranky and you're perfect when you lick the couch pillows with your mouth still half full of milk. (You will also be perfect when you're old enough to do your own laundry. The couch pillow covers are washed on cold and hung up to dry.) Don't ever think that I love or appreciate you "despite" some part of you. I love every single bit of you.

Sometimes I joke that you're my littlest roommate. Before you were born I occasionally worried that when you got older we'd have trouble living together; in the past it's sometimes been hard for me to share space with other people. But I love living with you, and I think we'll have a pretty easy time of it even when you're bigger and more actively making use of the house. You're already really good at showing us when you're hungry or tired or desperate to go outside, and I'm sure you'll only get better at understanding what you need and asking for it, whether that's time to yourself or quiet together time or shared activities. And an advantage of three parents is that there's almost certainly always going to be someone who wants to hang out with you if you're in a hanging-out mood.

I worry about you sometimes, but it's because I'm the worrying sort. By any objective measure you are a sturdy, healthy child. You rarely get sick and get over it quickly. When you fall down you complain for a bit (quite reasonably) and then get up again like nothing happened. You are so generous with your smiles that we never have to wonder whether you're happy. And you even snore just a little when you're asleep so I can hear it on the monitor and don't have to turn the camera on to make sure you're breathing. Every anxious parent should have such a reassuring baby.

The next year is going to bring us some exciting things. You'll learn more about moving your body the way you want to. You'll get better at crawling and then leave it behind in favor of walking. You'll learn to use some words and signs to communicate; I can't wait to hear you say our names. Maybe this will be the year you start to sometimes want one particular parent and not just whichever one is handy. The next time your birthday comes around, you'll probably want to eat the cake and not just stick your fingers in the frosting. And I bet you'll make friends with all the street cats in the neighborhood.

To quote a very kind and wonderful man, Mr. Fred Rogers, whose work I hope to introduce you to someday soon: "You are growing so well inside and out. I'm proud of how you are growing, and I hope you are too."

Endless love, my little bean. Thank you for being such excellent company for the past twelve months. I can't wait to see who you become this year, and beyond.

Your loving
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Awww. Happy birthday to your lovely baby.
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Happy birthday, Kit!
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Random person: "Have you ever thought of having another kid?"

Sophie: *hairballs on the bed*

Sam: *launches herself at Sophie*

Alex: *gnaws on some tape on a box*

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Happy birthday, Kit!
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[personal profile] amaebi 2016-12-29 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so glad you love parenting your most excellent Kit!

And happy birthday and many happy returns of the day, Kit.
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Happy belated birthday, Kit!
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So beautiful. Thank you.

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How absolutely beautiful. This made me smile and feel warm, just from reading it.

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Aww. How lovely. I'm child-free but enjoy reading some posts about others' children

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Happy birthday, Kit! Shine brightly in the world!

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happy birthday to your baby!
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This is purely wonderful. My littlest one just turned one last month, and this is how I feel about her as well. She is just perfect in every possible way. She is exploring more and still so respectful of the things in our home and curious at observant and delightful. She is so open with her smiles and her affection. She loves all of us and wants to share everything. She is great at communicating even though she has no words yet. She's amazing. How wonderful to see a small person grow!

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Happy birthday, Kit. I never thought you'd be here, but I'm so glad you are.
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On a day when everyone else's posts were DOOM DOOM DOOM, this was so wonderful to read. Hooray for love!