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"Gimme paw!"

Hilarious 3 a.m. baby anecdote time!

Kit's been really into clapping their hands lately. When they're sad they clap to cheer themself up. It is amazing. They've learned that when they clap the adults all clap back, and they get DRUNK WITH POWER and lead call-and-response clapping for quite a long time. Sometimes if you say "clap" they clap but that's not consistent yet.

Tonight they woke up just as I was going to bed. X is back on overnight duty (which is why I can go to bed at 3, which feels like absolute luxury) and got up to cuddle the baby back to sleep. I finished my nighttime ablutions and went into Kit's room for a quick snuggle. I had been reading a parenting book that was interesting and useful but also contained anecdotes about kids younger than Kit who can do things Kit can't do yet, and some part of my brain always freaks out about those comparisons. The best cure is to spend time with the actual baby and marvel at what a wonderful tiny person they are. I had been hoping they would wake up precisely so I could do this, even just for a moment.

Kit was sleepy but happy, and indeed, seeing them was an instant balm on my poor anxious brain. I kissed their forehead, tucked the fuzzy go-to-sleep blanket around them, and told X that I had finished all my chores and was going to bed. X held up their hand and we high-fived.

Kit looked interested. "That's a high-five. It's like clapping but with someone else's hand," I said. They had their right hand out of the blanket, so I gently tapped my palm against theirs. "See? Like that. High-five."

X high-fived them, and I high-fived them, and then they pulled their left hand out of the blanket. I held my hand up near their left hand. "High-five?"

They tried and missed.

It was the tiniest, funniest little limp-wristed attempt at a high-five that I have ever seen. X and I laughed so hard we couldn't breathe. Kit laughed along with us because people who are laughing are also funny, at least if you're a baby.

When we all recovered, I gave Kit a few more gentle high-fives, and then we all clapped for a bit because it's fun. Then I said goodnights and left the world's best and most hilarious baby to fall back asleep on X's lap, puzzled but pleased. And now I can go to bed suffused with joy at my child's accomplishments and eagerness to learn new things... even if it takes a few tries.
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When I tell Chun Woo of a morning that I didn't sleep well the night before, as sometimes happens, he habitually tells me that I should have come to him and he would have hugged me back to sleep. He says firmly, That always works. :D I'm not entirely sure where this comes from, but I do find it charming.
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Your baby is awesome and charming and I was happy to hear of this.

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This makes me so happy.

Way before my older son could talk we invented a game, in which I would tap my forehead against his and say BONK.

Then very soon I could say BONK and he would laugh and lean in for the forehead tap. All the relatives picked it up.

It was so fun to see that he was understanding so much, way before he could say things.

I love your baby stories. Thank you for posting.
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Yay baby!

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"contained anecdotes about kids younger than Kit who can do things Kit can't do yet"

I feel this one so, so hard. <3

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Awwww. :)

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What a great moment! It's awesome to be able to actually see them learning.

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That's so funny and adorable. I can kind of see why clapping seems intuitively obvious to a baby but high-fiving is a little stranger and requires contemplation.


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That's the cutest.

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would say moe but being sat on by little children.

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that's charming :) everything's funnier with babies!