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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2017-01-31 04:02 am

"Every little bit helps"

I made supportive postcards to mail to my local mosques today. And then I made more to send to mosques that have been attacked. And I designed more postcard fronts with awesome public-domain clip-art images. And I bought a roll of 100 postcard stamps because it turns out this is a thing I can do easily that is at least a little bit effective and feels really good.

If you know people looking for ways to speak up that don't involve phone calls or marches, and if those people have printers and funds for printable postcards and stamps, point them to for customizable templates with useful addresses already filled in.

I also finally got a PO box, so when we apply for/renew our passports tomorrow, we'll have somewhere safe to send them. Packages get stolen from our front steps a lot, and having Kickstarter rewards and online purchases sent to the office is always a bit awkward, so it'll be good for that too. But mostly I care about the passports. Just in case.

And I supported this fundraiser for a Bed-Stuy knitting shop that's in danger of closing, because direct giving matters as much as giving to organizations and sometimes goes even further. That store has been a haven for black women who need a place dedicated to peace, creation, and community. I want to help it stay alive. Please help if you can.
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Thank you for writing about what you're doing.

The Muslim Council of Britain's annual Visit My Mosque day is this Sunday - essentially a day when mosques are encouraged to hold an open day for their neighbours and local community to have tea and biscuits and meet the mosque's community. I'm hoping to go to my most-local mosque in the afternoon, having missed last year's event.
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Those postcard templates are fantastic

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This is a wonderful idea - thank you for sharing!