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rosefox: An extremely delighted white toddler with messy hair beams at the camera. (kit)
Kit is visibly taller today than they were yesterday. It's been a while since that happened. No wonder they've been so cranky and tired for the past week or so.

Only a few days ago I wrote that 12M clothes still fit them. Today we're getting rid of the 12M leggings, which are, very abruptly, absurdly small. Even the 18Ms are kind of failing to cover their butt. Moving up to larger diapers tomorrow will not help that. I just bought three pairs of 18M leggings at Old Navy on Monday (including appallingly cute baby jeggings) and will exchange them for 24M versions tomorrow; good thing I hadn't taken the tags off. They'll be a little long, but we can roll up the cuffs. And I should get some 24M shorts while I'm there, on the theory that the weather will ever get warm. At least the 18M pajamas still fit.

Also, Kit now wears a toddler medium hat. Last summer—you know, when they were six months old—they wore an 18–24M; this is two sizes up from that. Their head is enormous.

We just bought a Diono Radian RXT car seat to replace our old bucket seat, which Kit has entirely outgrown. We went with the Radian because it lets you keep your child rear-facing until 44"/45 lb, and our sprouting bean is clearly going to reach that height/weight at a very young age. Next week, maybe.

This morning J was reading to them, and they decided they wanted a different book, so they crawled over to the bookshelf and got another book (My Pet Penguins) and held it out to him. 😍 This evening, during bedtime storytime, they kept impatiently grabbing the next book off the table. [personal profile] ailbhe said the other day that walking happens when the child needs to both move and carry things. Clearly bringing us books is going to be a primary impetus there.

Kit is mastering an unbelievable array of sassy facial expressions, including "sounds fake, but okay", "you're embarrassing me", "I don't get it", "I'm going to smile and laugh a little bit, to be polite, but actually that wasn't funny at all", and "please stop trying to make me perform". We crack up every time they do it, which of course encourages them and will probably lead to nightmare battles of wills later on. But it's hilarious.
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