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31 May 2017 00:11 - "It's one of those lazy days"
rosefox: A tiny turtle and the caption "Tiny Turtle is Pleased". (pleased)
Updated vacationing to-do list/wishlist:

* Prepare BookCon handout by June 1
* Read ILL book due back June 1 (I decided not to bother reading any of my ILL books and just returned them all; between when I requested them and when I got them, I temporarily but completely lost interest in that project. I'll reorder them when the project front-burners itself again.)
* Return book by June 1
* See visiting friend before he leaves on June 2
* Do BookCon panel and booth duty on June 3 (if you'll be there, come say hi!)
* Meet first work deadline by June 5 (ideally much earlier)
* Go to arm doctor May 30 June 6
* Meet second work deadline by June 7 (see above)
* Write guest blog post by June 7
* Read ILL books due back June 8
* Return books by June 8

Things without deadlines (fun):

* Hang out with X, who also has this coming week off (planned for 5/31)
* Watch the StevenBombs (WHAAAAAAAAT and also I want Fluorite to be my gem grandma forever)
* Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender (omg Allura would you STOP HASSLING PIDGE whose gender is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS thank you)
* Stroll in the Botanic Gardens on a day with nice weather
* Ditto Prospect Park
* Maybe steal the baby from daycare early one day and get extra baby time (planned for 5/31)
* Read a book for fun? I hear people do this? ??? (still pretty sure this is a myth)
* Knit
* Sleeeeeeeep (ahahahaaaaaa I am so totally failing at this)

Things without deadlines (productive):

* Tidy room enough for vacuuming
* Vacuum (or ask J to if my arms are sad)
* Change sheets (or ask J to if my arms are sad)
* Move clothes from valet to closet
* Clear off standing desk (newly added to the list)
* Catch up on laundry (The hampers are almost empty! It's a Shavuot miracle!)
* Promote Story Hospital
* Clean out inbox but of course it's cluttered up again
* Watch Baby Signing Time and practice signing on my own and with the family

That's more than I thought I'd get done! I am pleased.
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