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Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote2017-07-17 02:29 am

"The travel-model baby"

We are HOME. I have rarely in my life been so tired, and I have spent much of my life being tired. This is non-Euclidean tired that collapses in upon itself. I'm sort of impressed by it.

As usual, Sam was thrilled to see me, Sophie was thrilled to see X, and Alex pretended to have entirely forgotten our names until we ordered pizza and he decided he wanted some. Tili took very good care of them. She also pointed out that our inexplicably huge basil plants grew enormous flower spikes during the three days we were gone. The leaves are yellowing a bit; might be time for more fertilizer.

I cannot overstate how tremendously lucky we are to have such a good travel-bean. They were really clearly Done With Everything around 2 p.m. yesterday, and very polite about our inexplicable failure to take them home right then. They didn't nap much on the train today, though they did sleep on me for about half an hour—it's such a pleasure to be slept on by a baby, and we were all jockeying a bit to be the one that Kit napped on; I only won because J needed to get up to get something and I snagged the sleepy baby and the blanket—but they were generally cheerful and amenable to distraction nonetheless, and as soon as we got home they chugged a bottle and sacked out. They even signed "train" while we were waiting for the train, and they made friends with another toddler who was riding in our car, trading many high-fives and handshakes. They really liked the train trips; we should do more train travel with them.

Next year, more and better planning. Definitely. But on the whole it was a very good con.
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Next year, more and better planning. Definitely. But on the whole it was a very good con.

I am sorry that I did not get to see your travel-bean in person, but it was nice to glance off you briefly!
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Yay for HOME, and yay for an excellent con, indeed!
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I'm glad it was a good con, and hope you can catch up on rest now!
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aww toddler friends! glad it was a good con, hope you catch up on rest
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What a good baby!
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Train is THE WAY to travel with toddler, in my experience.

Mmmm, trains.