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13 February 2017 01:46 - "A toast!"
rosefox: A bearded man in a yarmulke shouting L'CHAIM! (Judaism)
Today was my mother's 75th birthday party. Instead of making a traditional toast, I wrote her a poem.


A warm baguette with fresh unsalted butter
Good whiskey served in glasses meant for wine
Fine art and jazz and clothes with flowing lines
I learned appreciation from my mother

Speak from the heart; don't ever silence others
Defend our rights and fight to right what's wrong
Wave signs, wear buttons, sing those protest songs
I learned my activism from my mother

Write eagerly, then edit out the clutter
Read lit and genre, dictionaries, poems
A wall of books will make a house a home
I learned the joys of language from my mother

Immense affection for my younger brother
No matter how we'd argue, snark, and fight
"You'll sort it out," Mom said, and she was right
I learned both love and patience from my mother

Abundant hugs and kisses, but don't smother
Praise every scribble as a work of art
Be honest and respectful from the start
I learned to be a parent from my mother

Find endless ways to cherish one another
Build families from friends through joy and trust
Each day, she teaches that to all of us
Please join me now to toast my splendid mother


Happy birthday, Mom. :)
25 November 2005 01:04 - "Short and sweet"
rosefox: Me snuggling a giant teddy bear, entirely contented. (happy)
Via [livejournal.com profile] zandperl, the Thanksgiving haiku meme:

Dinner was lovely
We're all packed for Darkover
Now it's time for bed

Or, more classic in style:

My mother's gravy
My grandmother's gravy boat
My brother's smile

Or, because I've been wanting to do this ever since I learned about them, a haiku sonnet:

The temperature drop
Makes the trip an adventure
I will freeze for sure

We managed to shop
Before all the stores closed up
Cooking up a storm

The stove keeps us warm
Hot cocoa in tiny cups
So intense and sweet

We tell tales in turn
Old mistakes and things we've learned
Something new and neat

Leftovers for lunch
Cranberries, turkey, and love
Happy memories
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